This season of MTV’s “Teen Mom 2” has been a tough one for Leah Messer — not only did she lose full custody of two of her children to Corey Simms, but she’s also coping with her divorce from ex-husband Jeremy Calvert. Following the most recent episode, the mother of three is claiming the reality show is “fake.”

On Tuesday, Leah, 23, tweeted a reaction to Monday night’s episode, during which she and Jeremy were shown discussing the problems in their defunct marriage over dinner and drinks. Leah told her former beau that she believed he was her one and only, which prompted him to ask her if she was “buzzin’.” The dinner ended with Leah in tears. 

After the episode ran, Leah claimed there was more to the conversation that didn’t make it past editing. She said she had enough evidence to “go in detail,” but decided to refrain.

While Season 7 of “Teen Mom 2” has been difficult for Leah, things appear to be going much better for the reality star off camera. During an appearance on the “Steve Harvey Show” on Monday, she opened up about her ugly custody battle with Corey, 26, as well as her anxiety and depression. She explained to host Harvey that after attending rehab she and the father of the twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, are in a “much better place.”

“Corey and I, we have been co-parenting really well,” she said.

The pair struggled with their relationship during Season 6 because of Leah’s alleged substance abuse problems. After months of accusations flying about whether she was misusing her prescription medications, Leah decided it was best for her and her children that she enter treatment. She returned after 30 days, saying she had learned how to better care for herself and her kids.

During the show, Leah shared with a friend that while she was away, her then-estranged husband Jeremy was helpful and allowed her to speak with their young daughter Adalynn. She claimed that Corey, on the other hand, refused to answer her calls. With tensions running high, she decided it was high time they talked things out, but feared he would not be receptive to the conversation. Leah recalled the last time she and Corey tried to sit down and he accused her of being a drug addict.

Leah has said no more about her claims that “Teen Mom 2” is fake. It remains unclear whether she plans to return for a possible Season 8.