MTV's "Teen Mom 2" is back after a brief mid-season hiatus and the network is bringing the drama. When the show left off stars Jenelle Evans and former fiancé Nathan Griffith found themselves in the middle of a nasty fight which ultimately resulted in domestic violence charges being filed. Newly released clips for the show suggest “TM2” will pick off precisely where it left off – and it’s doesn’t look good for Jenelle, 23.

As Yahoo! Celebrity reported, the clip shows the troubled “TM2” star meeting with her lawyer, Amy Lawrence, after the incident. During the sit down, Jenelle learns that Nathan, 27, has decided not to pursue charges against his ex-fiancée. Unfortunately she’s not off the hook entirely – because of the estranged couple’s tumultuous past, authorities made the call to charge Jenelle with domestic abuse. Her lawyer then informs her that this could result in her spending up to 30 days behind bars. She also provides the reality star will some sound advice.

“We will have a court date. It’s not anything we can take lightly. I mean, you’re looking at 30 days in jail; you’re looking at a fine. And the problem with criminal domestic violence is it carries the penalties of a felony,” Lawrence says. “And it can’t happen anymore because your child deserves better than that. This is the thing, when everybody broke up, they are hurt or hurting…the issue is that you use your baby as a pawn to hurt the other. I know he’s doing it and I know you’re doing it. And that’s not the game we’re going to play because the only person that loses is Kaiser.”

This isn't the first time Jenelle has had a run-in with Nathan. On Aug. 20 the mother-of-two landed behind bars after tossing a glass at her baby daddy's new girlfriend. As was reported, Nathan showed up at Jenelle's home to pick up his personal belongings with his new flame, Jessica Henry, in tow. This set Jenelle off, leading to the glass-throwing incident. Jenelle was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and battery. She was taken into custody where she had her 16th mugshot photo taken.

As we previously reported Jenelle turned herself in to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, police in May after a warrant was issued for her arrest. The “TM2” star was wanted by authorities in connection with a violent incident involving her and Nathan. The incident in question occurred outside Nathan’s home, where Jenelle placed a call to her ex telling him she was in the process of vandalizing his vehicle. Nathan then ran outside where the incident escalated. Jenelle is said to have choked Nathan, at which time he decided to call the police. Upon their arrival authorities noted that he did in fact have marks on his neck, bruising on his face and a ripped shirt which were consistent with his claims that she had attacked him.

That was the second domestic incident between Jenelle and Nathan. The first took place on March 5 inside the home the pair was sharing at the time. Jenelle placed a call to police claiming that her then-fiancé had pinned her to a toilet and cut her while trying to remove her engagement ring. Griffith denied those allegations, claiming she cut herself while removing the ring and had a history of being violent toward him. Still, Nathan was arrested. A majority of the incident was filmed by MTV’s cameras and featured in Season 6 of “TM2.”

“TM2” returns Thursday, Sept. 17 at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. Check out the drama-filled preview below: