jenelle evans
"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans was arrested, again, after she apparently threw a glass at Nathan Griffin's new girlfriend, Jessica Harry. Mug shot/Myrtle Beach Police Department

Jenelle Evans has been taken into police custody after a warrant was issued for her arrest. The “Teen Mom 2” star was wanted by Myrtle Beach, South Carolina police following a violent incident that occurred between her and ex-fiancé Nathan Griffith.

According to Us Weekly, Evans made the decision to turn herself in. She arrived at the police station with an MTV camera crew in tow, filming the incident for an upcoming season of the popular reality show. Authorities charged Evans with domestic violence. She was slated to appear before a judge for her bail hearing this afternoon, though that ruling has not yet been announced.

As we previously reported, Evans was involved in a domestic dispute with her former fiancé outside of his home. According to TMZ the incident began when Evans placed a call to her ex, telling him she was outside of his house vandalizing his vehicle. He quickly ran outside where things escalated. The reality TV star is said to have choked Griffith, prompting him to call the police who arrived shortly after. Authorities found that Griffiths had scratch marks on his neck, bruising to his face and a ripped shirt, which they felt was consistent enough with his story to issue a warrant for Evans’ arrest.

A Twitter account, which appears to belong to Evans’ PR team sent a series of tweets claiming Griffith’s story was false. In a string of three separate messages, Jenelle Evans PR claimed the 27-year-old stole Evans’ phone, refused to hand over their young son and attempted to hit her with his truck. They stated that her lawyer was involved and she planned to press charges. The account has since confirmed that Evans did in fact turn herself in and still plans to pursue legal action.

This is the second domestic incident the former couple has been involved in. On March 5 Evans called the police on her then-fiancé, claiming that he had pinned her to a toilet and cut her finger while trying to remove her engagement ring. Griffith denied her allegations, saying she cut herself while taking the ring off and adding that she had been violent toward him in the past. He was arrested at 4:15 p.m. EDT, hours after the initial call was placed to local police.