Troubled “Teen Mom 2” Jenelle Evans has found herself behind bars again. The embattled mother of two is no stranger to jail, and she was detained once more Thursday after she allegedly hit her ex-fiancé’s new girlfriend with a glass, Gossip Cop and Radar Online reported Thursday.

Jenelle and Nathan share a son, Kaiser, and were engaged. Their relationship was always rocky, as documented in “Teen Mom 2” and eventually things soured for good. The reality star wanted her ex to remove his personal belongings from her house since she’s moving, but she became irate when he brought his new girlfriend, Jessica Henry.

“This really made Jenelle mad,” an insider told Radar Online about the incident. “They ended up getting in a fight and she threw a glass at Jessica. So Nathan called the cops.”

Nathan probably brought Jessica along because he knew it would “provoke” Jenelle. He is only trying to make her look bad,” the source said.

If that were his true intention, it worked. Jenelle, 23, was arrested Thursday for third-degree assault and battery at her house in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. She will have her 16th mugshot taken tomorrow, Radar Online wrote.

As sensational as the story sounds, it’s true, wrote Gossip Cop, which famously debunks hoax stories. Jenelle decided to move an hour away so that she could be closer to her 6-year-old son, Jace, and get away from Nathan, who supposedly broke into her house twice.

Jenelle has not issued a public response since her arrest. She did manage, however, to retweet messages from MTV that promoted “Teen Mom 2.” She also shared a message from her PR team that said, “Jenelle appreciates all the support from her fans.” She is still in custody, Gossip Cop wrote.

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