“Teen Mom 2” is a docuseries meant to the show the struggles young moms face, but it appears the show may not be as real as it seems. Following the release of a sneak-peek video Saturday, MTV star Leah Messer is calling one upcoming scene "scripted" after the network allegedly edited an encounter between her two ex-husbands, Corey Simms and Jeremy Calvert.

Leah, 23, started off her rant by linking to a sneak-peek video from Season 6, episode 11 of “Teen Mom 2.” In last week’s episode, Leah left to receive treatment for unspecified issues after failing to enter into treatment due to a last-minute custody battle in episode 9. In the clip, titled “Corey and Jeremy Team Up,” the dads discuss Leah’s rumored drug use and her decision to receive help. “It sucks for the kids sake,” Corey says.

“She went from being normal to being a complete 180,” Jeremy says. “Prescription pill problem,” he adds, while looking at someone behind the camera and smirking.

“This drug issue that everybody knows she has is swept under that carpet and don’t want nobody knowing where she went,” Corey says. “We’re the father of her children. We need to know what’s going on with the mother of our children. Why are you sweeping it under the rug acting like it’s no big deal?”

Despite the duo sharing their concerns about their ex-wife in the clip, Leah claims the scene was “scripted” and that Jeremy, with whom she shares daughter Adalynn, 2, was fully aware. "In the scene you can tell Jeremy was looking over at a producer saying something about a prescription pill problem and they edit it to where it looks as if he is saying that to Corey," she tweeted Saturday. "I could go on but its best I didn't ... Oh I will own the truth only. #likeanadult," she added.

According to Leah, the scene was filmed before she left to get help, despite the clip due to air after the series showed her leaving for treatment. "Not to mention Jerm just told me this scene was filmed before I even left the FIRST time lol," she wrote. 

Leah also claimed that Jeremy and Corey, with whom she shares twin daughters Ali and Aleeah, 5, are not friendly, despite what the clip shows. "I talked to Jeremy the whole time ... Jeremy can't stand Corey .. This was definitely SET UP and not even the truth."

While Leah did not divulge exactly why she entered into a treatment facility, she did share that rehabilitation isn't just for people for drug-related issues. "... Treatment is for ANXIETY and DEPRESSION as well," she told one fan. "Should be looked at in a negative light for we DO NOT know/understand what's going on to Judge ... For example: treatment is not only for addiction but many many other reasons as well..."

Leah added that she usually keeps quiet about the show's inconsistencies, but doesn't care if she gets in trouble with the network anymore. "Don't care if I do get in trouble this is BS," she said. "I should open my mouth way more."

Watch the sneak-peek clip from "Teen Mom 2" episode 11 below:

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