After a brief hiatus, “Teen Mom 2” is back. MTV aired episode 9 of Season 7 of the docuseries Monday night, and the drama continued for leads Kailyn Lowry, Jenelle Evans, Leah Messer and Chelsea Houska. While some of the mothers struggled with parenting troubles in “While You Were Out,” others dealt with some more serious issues. Relive the entire episode below!


When Aubree tells Chelsea she’s having trouble seeing in school, Chelsea tells her fiancé Cole Deboer she’s going to take her to the eye doctor. When it comes time for the appointment Aubree appears excited, but when the doctor tells her she needs to get drops in her eyes to dilate them, she refuses to cooperate. After running around the office screaming and crying, she kicks Chelsea. Aubree apologizes to the doctor after calming down after being gently scolded by her mother. 

When Aubree leaves the room, the doctor tells Chelsea that she does need glasses. The professional says her left eye has farsightedness and she needs to wear glasses at all times. Chelsea gets emotional about the news, but Aubree is excited. Chelsea helps her daughter pick out pink frames, which she can be seen wearing in the recent video below.


It wasn't all tears for Chelsea in episode 9. She and Cole also went to a Jason Aldean concert. Chelsea says she’s planning to just wear a bandana as a top to the event and Cole jokes that he’s going to go naked with boots on.

When they get to the concert, Chelsea, Cole and their friends wait backstage to meet Aldean. While in line, Chelsea asks Cole if he would be OK with the country signer signing her “vag.” He’s surprised by her question, especially when she asks if he would want Aldean to sign his nether regions too. 


Jenelle says she’s been trying to get her eldest son Jace for the weekend, but her mother Barbara, who still has custody of him, won't let him come over. Jenelle’s boyfriend David Easton says her mom is “ridiculous” and that she needs to get custody. Jenelle says if she gets Jace back, she’s moving.

Meanwhile, Barbara talks to Jace about what goes on when he goes to Jenelle’s house. Jace says he sits around all day while Jenelle and David sleep.

After initially refusing to hand Jace over, Barbara lets Jenelle see her son. The next day, when Barbara comes to get Jace, she notices him and David’s daughter playing outside alone. Jenelle refuses to come out of her bedroom and talk to her mom. When David exits the bedroom and locks the door, things escalate between him and Barbara. 

David asks that Barbara stop yelling in front of the children, calling her actions “child abuse” and requests she leave the house, but she refuses and tells him to call the police. Barbara slams David for living in a house her daughter pays for and accuses him of having pending charges for domestic violence, which he denies.

When David steps out of the room to call the authorities, Barbara follows him and David closes a door on her. Barbara says she’s going to charge him with assault for his action. “You are the worst boyfriend she’s ever had!” Barbara yells at she leaves the property. When the cops arrive, Barbara denies she was yelling, takes Jace and says she’s not coming back.

When Jenelle calls her mother, she tells her off for making a scene at her house. Jenelle tells Barbara she’s avoiding her and doesn’t want to talk to her unless it has to do with Jace, saying every time they talk it “ruins” her entire day. Barbara says her daughter is not being herself and she’s worried.

After the call ends, Jace tells Barbara that Jenelle are David are “always complaining” about him when he visits. Barbara tells Jace she won't be bringing him over to Jenelle’s house anymore if her behavior continues, but it appears he recently took a biking trip with his mom.


Time for a family biking trip!! ___

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Javi Marroquin decides to surprise his wife Kailyn while he’s deployed. He texts her friends and arranges for a girls night because he recognizes her parenting duties have doubled in his absence. To thank her husband, Kail and her friends decide to make cookies to send to him. Kail tells her friends she doesn’t have time to be lonely, but her son Isaac, with ex-boyfriend Jo Rivera, is upset and she hears him talking to Javi at night.

When Kail and her girlfriends go out, they discover that not only did Javi pay for their dinner and drinks, he also surprises them with bouquets of flowers. The girls get emotional reading their individual cards from Javi. To lighten the mood, Kail’s friends ask her how she feels about going celibate for six months. Kail reveals she’s fine because she has “toys.” Kail shares that Javi has asked her to send him naked pictures but she refuses, saying there's too much risk that she’ll accidentally send them to the wrong person.

The next morning, Kail gets a call from Javi and he says he’s struggling being away from home. “It’s the same thing every day,” Javi says. Kai cries because she can’t figure out what to say to him to make everything better. She eventually tells him to remember why he joined the military.

When her friends wake up after her phone call, Kail tells them she doesn’t want them to leave because she’s sad about Javi. She tells them she could go visit him, but it wouldn’t be worth it because the flight is 24 hours and he only has one day off a week.


Leah cries tears of relief as she tells her mom she and and her ex Corey Simms have worked out their differences after their latest custody hearing. Leah says if she and Corey stay on the same page they can have a “great” co-parenting skills for their twin daughters Ali and Aleeah.

With their new custody arrangement in order, Leah gets to take her older girls to their cheerleading class. After watching Aleeah practice her cheer routine, Ali, who suffers from muscular dystrophy, gets upset because she can’t master the same skills as her sibling. The teacher tells Ali she can tumble in the gym.

Back at home, Leah gets a letter from Corey’s attorney which says West Virginia law does not recognize joint custody. “I should have known it wasn’t over,” Leah says.

At his house, Corey tells his dad it was up to Leah’s lawyer to write the final order, which the judge signed off on, but it was incorrect according to state law. 

When Leah talks to her lawyer, her attorney says she thinks they can fight for joint custodian. Leah says she will fight Corey’s objection. After meeting with her lawyer, Leah sits down with her sister Victoria. She tells her she doesn’t care if Corey “takes another breath” after everything he’s put their kids through with the court system.

“Teen Mom 2” Season 7 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.