Jenelle Evans’ ailments have been a topic of conversation among “Teen Mom 2” fans for weeks, and on Friday, the MTV reality star finally opened up about her mysterious maladies on “The Doctors.”

Six weeks ago, Evans said, she began experiencing what she first thought were flu-like symptoms, including night sweats and hot flashes. But after weeks of no relief, and a laundry list of other ailments appearing, including extreme backaches, throbbing legs, pelvic pain and a loss of appetite, she decided to seek help.

After two trips to the ER and several appointments with her OB-GYN, neurological specialists and an endocrinologist, Evans said she failed to get any true answers, with some professionals telling her she was suffering from anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome.

“I’ve been going to doctor after doctors, specialist after specialist. I just want to know some answers and live a happy and healthy life,” she said.

Fed up of not getting real results, Evans agreed to meet with two “The Doctors” specialists, endocrinologist Dr. Joseph Pinzone and OB-GYN Dr. Peter Weiss. 

Evans told Pinzone she stopped smoking marijuana in December, ahead of her custody battle with her mother, Barbara, to win back her first-born son, Jace. The following month, she said, her symptoms appeared. She also revealed that she stopped taking diet pills around the same time.

Speaking with Weiss, Evans shared that she recently switched birth control methods. After suffering from acne and mood swings on Nexplanon, an etonogestrel implant, she had it removed and opted for birth control pills. Jenelle said the pill has been working for her, but that she hasn’t had a period for six weeks and experiences pain during sex.

In the studio, the two Los Angeles specialists concurred that it is likely Jenelle’s new birth control pills are causing her symptoms. “The simplest thing to do is to stop the pill. When you stop the pill, you let the levels come back to normal,” Weiss said.

Pinzone said Evans’ anxiety is likely caused by her quitting marijuana. “The taking away of the marijuana may certainly have some effects,” he said.

After revealing her anxiety had her considering quitting “Teen Mom 2,” “The Doctors” provided Evans with six months of counseling in her hometown, saying speaking to a specialist on a weekly basis will help her deal with her anxiety.

Overall, Evans said she was pleased with the results. She revealed she’s talked to her boyfriend, David Eason, about other birth control options as she does not want another child join her sons Jace, 6, and Kaiser, 2, for at least a “year of two.”

“I’m not really about getting pregnant again anytime soon,” she said.