Celebrity doctor Drew Pinsky essentially confirmed “Teen Mom 2” star Leah Messer lost custody of her twin daughters, Ali and Aleeah, to her ex-husband, Corey Simms. Dr. Drew, as his is best known, talked about how the MTV reality star is handling the crisis backstage at "The Rachael Ray Show" Thursday, according to Radar Online.

The celebrity doctor, 57, “wished her the best" after he heard the news. “I don’t know if this recent issue with the child custody is going to set her back,” Dr. Drew said, seemingly confirming the rumors. “She is working very hard and this has been a terribly stressful and painful time for her.”

Messer, 23, is making strides because the people around her have essentially ganged up on her, Dr. Drew explained. “One of the signs I noticed that the people around her -- like her ex-husband [Corey Simms] and his new wife [Miranda Simms] -- people around her were starting to really come down on her. When that starts to happen, that’s a sign to me that the identified patient is getting better,” he said.

People have questioned whether or not Messer, a West Virginia native, was a good mother after she nodded off while holding one of her children during Season 6 of “Teen Mom 2.” But Dr. Drew, who monitors the “Teen Mom 2” reunion specials on MTV, maintained that she was “dedicated” to her girls. “People are also wondering how she’s doing and if you saw the last reunion show which is the last time I had contact with her, I believed she was making some progress,” he said. “Leah loves her children.”

Messer has not issued a statement since she reportedly lost custody of Ali and Aleeah. However, she hinted that she might not be spending a majority of her time with her daughter after she tweeted about having a fun-filled weekend with them. “There's nothing like actually having actual quality time with my girls, for once. We aren't running around to [appointments,]” she wrote.

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