Leah Aleeah
Leah Messer has not responded to reports she's lost primary custody of her twin daughters. Pictured: Leah in a scene from "Teen Mom 2" Season 1 with daughter Aleeah. MTV/Viacom

Leah Messer’s fans want answers. After reports surfaced Wednesday claiming the “Teen Mom 2” star had lost primary custody of her twin daughters, fans flocked to the MTV star's social media sites looking for a response from the mom of three. Leah, however, has remained silent on the topic.

In Touch Weekly has been reporting that Leah, 23, lost primary custody of Ali and Aleeah, 5, to ex-husband Corey Simms during a hearing Oct. 13. Several reports have also stated that Leah is in danger of losing her 2-year-old daughter Adalynn, saying her ex-husband Jeremy Calvert is prepping for a custody battle of his own. Leah's fans have been looking to her social media pages for answers, but to their disappointment, they’re not getting any.

In place of a public comment from Leah or her camp, Leah’s official Facebook fan page has continued flooding its 2.1 million followers with viral video clips, jewelry advertisements and unrelated articles. “Whoever’s posting all of this crap is doing Leah a great disservice,” one fan commented Wednesday. “In case you’re too dense to know, her custody issues are all over the Internet today. Give it a rest already.”

Leah's fans have tried to reach the reality star on her Twitter page. “Hmm. @TM2LeahDawn wonder why you won't admit it?” wrote one fan. "If it's true, I'm genuinely heartbroken for u, what happened to you? So sad," added another Twitter user.

With no answers from Leah -- the TV mom last tweeted Saturday -- “Teen Mom 2” fans have taken to the MTV docuseries’ official Facebook page questioning the accuracy of reports regarding Leah’s new custody arrangement. Viewers recently turned a thread about “Teen Mom” Halloween costumes into a discussion about Leah’s situation. “'Teen Mom 2' please address the custody issue,” begged one fan.

While some of the MTV star’s fans have asked her to verify the reports, others are simply showing some support for the mom of three. “Sorry to hear about your loss of custody … hopefully you can prove everyone wrong … how devastating,” one Facebook fan wrote Thursday. “Leah, it doesn’t matter what people are saying about you,” said one Twitter fan. “You are a great mom who has been through some very hard times.”

"Teen Mom 2" Season 6, which concluded earlier this month, was a rough one for Leah. The latest episodes not only featured Leah's custody battle with Corey, it also showcased her struggle with anxiety and depression, the end of her marriage to Jeremy and after numerous drug use rumors, a trip to therapy.