Episode 11 of MTV’s “Teen Mom OG” saw two big celebrations, one massive blowout and several life changes for the moms. Find out what went down on Monday’s Season 6 installment for Maci Bookout, Farrah Abraham, Catelynn Baltierra and Amber Portwood.


With Maci’s birthday right around the corner, Taylor McKinney pulls her son Bentley aside to discuss present plans. Bentley suggests they get her a card and a cake and Taylor decides they should surprise her. The two cook up a plan to send Maci to her to a friend Keelie’s house and gift her a letter from Bentley telling her to come home when they’re ready.

At Keelie’s house, Maci’s friends gift her a 6-pack of beer and gives her the note. “He can’t give me orders!” Maci jokes when she reads Bentley’s card. When Maci arrives home Taylor and the kids surprise her with cupcakes and balloons. Taylor says trying to arrange the party was a “circus act,” but Maci appears grateful.

After her birthday, Maci and Taylor discuss their plans for Bentley’s first day of second grace. Maci says Bentley’s dad, Ryan Edwards, most likely won’t show up and states that she hasn’t heard from him since Bentley stayed at his house. Maci informs the producers she only ever hears from Ryan when they’re filming.

The following morning, en route to taking Bentley to school, Maci gets a text from Ryan wishing him a good day. Maci says he can’t believe Ryan was up so early to send the text but is happy he did.


Fresh off the opening of Froco, Farrah reveals she’s having trouble with her manager Kiana. Farrah tells her dad she received several frustrated calls from Kiana one night (which woke her up) and accuses her of having a “know it all” attitude. Michael warns Farrah to be professional. Farrah says she’s going to put Kiana on probation due to her “horrible choices.”

One morning when Farrah gets a call from Kiana after she arrives early to work, Farrah looks at the cameras and says she doesn’t appear to be a “happy employee.” At Froco, Farrah slams Kiana for not accepting a delivery and failing to cut a kiwi in her desired fashion.

When Farrah pulls Kiana aside she asks her about the previous incidents and says she can’t have a manager who can’t get things done. Kiana says she feels she’s been mistreated and that Farrah is “passing blame.” Farrah responds by telling Kiana she shouldn’t have worked ever worked at Froco and fires her. Kiana gives a few final digs before hanging over her uniform and Farrah ends their relationship by wishing her well.

Later on, Farrah informs her daughter Sophia she had to let go one of her employees. Sophia is happy about the news and Farrah says she feels like there’s a new vibe in Froco. She goes on to advise Sophia that if she ever has to fire someone to “keep calm” and says people who get fired tend to act “hostile.”

When Farrah later calls her mom she lets her know that she let Kiana go. She also informs her of the dig Kiana gave her, insulting her for being 25-yeas-old and frozen yogurt shop owner. Farrah says she needs to hire someone more like herself but Debra warns her she’s “unique” and likely won’t find someone.


Nearly one-year after being released from prison Tyler’s dad Butch says he’s been seeing a counselor and is still on probation. After realizing he’s approaching his anniversary, Tyler tells Catelynn they should throw him a party and she agrees. Tyler says it’s the longest his dad has been out of prison and clean. He adds that while they have a good relationship now he used to just call Butch “sperm donor.”

Meanwhile, Tyler reveals to producers that Catelynn is still struggling wither anxiety and depression. He says he’s not worried she’s going to completely fall back into her old ways and he’s staying out of her issues. Tyler reveals he’s working with a therapist to figure out when he should hold his tongue when it comes to Catelynn because he tends to say “not nice enough” things.

When it comes time for the party Tyler worries if he’s doing the right thing by celebrating this father’s sobriety. When Butch arrives he says he forgot it’s been one-year since his prison release and is OK with celebrating his success. When Butch gets a text from his daughter who was unable to attend, he gets emotional. 

“You have trumped every doubt I’ve ever had about it,” he reads of the message through tears. Tyler shares a similar sentiment, saying Butch has been there a lot for them in the past year. Back at home, Butch tells Tyler he never felt unconditional love before and it really changed him.


Matt Baier gets a call from his friend who informs him there is a story going around that Amber had a miscarriage due to issues with drugs. Amber is shocked by the news and denies the accusations. Matt says he doesn’t care if the tabloids talk about him and he says he’s worried about Amber. Amber admits she’s depressed about how the world thinks she’s worth a terrible person. When Matt advises Amber to speak out they both agree to reach out to Dr. Drew Pinsky and to go on his show to address the allegations.

Ahead of their trip to Los Angeles for the taping, Matt gets a call from his 25-year-old son Christopher who informs him he’s not getting along with his girlfriend is finding it difficult to stay sober. Matt says he’ll get Christopher a ticket to come see them in LA and will help him figure out his issues.

Off the call, Matt tells the producers he hasn’t seen his son in 10 years but they talk a lot. Matt also confirms Christopher apologized for an article he contributed to in regards to his past and says his son was high during the interview.

In LA, Amber meets Christopher and says it’s “amazing” to see father and son together. Despite rumors, Christopher says Matt was never “awful” to him growing up. Christopher also reveals the media contacts him all the time to try to “get an in” and comment on Matt.

Backstage at Dr. Drew’s show Amber says she wants to clear the air about the rumors surrounding their relationship. Dr. Drew says it’s clear to him she’s sober. During the segment, Dr. Drew tells Matt and Amber he wants to see them continue to thrive.

After the show, Amber admits she’s never going to get over rumors about them in the press. Dr. Drew informs them it’s normal for addicts to focus on the negative. He also advises Christopher to stay in a safe and stable environment if he wants to remain sober.

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