Amber Portwood Matt Baier
If she marries Matt Baier, Amber Portwood is going to be a step-grandmother at 26 years old. MTV/Viacom

‘Teen Mom OG’ star Amber Portwood is going to become a grandmother, Radar Online wrote in an exclusive report Thursday. Chris Baier, the son of her much older fiancé, Matt Baier, is expecting a child with his ex-girlfriend, MaDonna Stands.

Matt, 47, reportedly has nine children with seven different women, and MaDonna said Chris is going to be just like his father by abandoning their child. “I know he will have nothing to do with my child and I’m okay with that,” MaDonna told Radar Online. “Chris will be just like his dad, he already is.”

The pregnancy was planned. Chris “wanted one of his own” since MaDonna has two children from a previous relationship.

Viewers will get to meet Chris on the MTV reality show because he went to live with Amber and Matt to help overcome his addiction to drugs, but he never came back to MaDonna. “He was supposed to go for a couple days because we were fighting a lot,” she said. “I was having mood swings. I didn’t know I was pregnant at the time, but I figured he would be like Matt and run and look I was right.”

MaDonna doesn’t think Matt and Amber will be able to help him. “Look at their parenting, I don’t expect them to be any better as grandparents,” she said. “I want nothing from them, I never did. I don’t want them in my child’s life. Somehow Chris was the victim in our relationship, but I understand that he wants them to feel bad.”

While Chris admitted he and MaDonna are no longer in a relationship, he said he would be there for his future child. “I left her and that’s it,” he told Radar Online Thursday. “Of course I’m going to be in the child’s life. That’s guaranteed. I’m just not in love with MaDonna.”

While it seems like Amber is destined to become a grandmother at 26, that might not be the case. Her relationship with Matt has been rocky, especially since he lied about how many children he had fathered and hitting on her fellow “Teen Mom OG” co-stars. Their wedding for October was called off.

Some fans assumed the relationship was over for good when she posted a cryptic message to Twitter Monday. “Big changes coming soon! A new chapter of my life is here. Good things happen if you don't cheapen yourself by doing anything thrown at you,” she tweeted.

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