“Teen Wolf” Season 4 is almost halfway through its 12 episode season, but that doesn’t mean it is slowing down. Descriptions were just released for episodes 6 through 11. Check out the details on the drama coming up for the kids in Beacon Hills.

Episode 6 – “Orphaned” airing July 28

Scott will have to help one of his foes, and he’ll be forced into helping this enemy. While the episode description doesn’t say how he is forced, it most likely means someone Scott loves will be threatened or held hostage.

Meanwhile, Derek and Malia “track down an old ally.” Malia has been living as a human for maybe six months, so it’s probably not her ally but instead the pack’s ally. Derek and Malia are an odd pairing, but Malia’s blunt personality might be hilarious with Derek’s brooding.

Episode 7 – “Weaponized” airing August 4

In this episode, the school will become a weapon when the whole campus is infected by a “mysterious outbreak.” Fans aren’t sure if this means that supernatural characters are affected as well. If it does weaken werewolves, were-coyotes, banshees and kitsunes, it will be a lot easier for an assassin to check names off the supernatural hit list. It would also mean that Stiles is the only one who can help them.

Episode 8 – “Time of Death” airing August 11

Scott decides to find the Benefactor, the person behind the hit list. His plan definitely isn’t safe, but Scott needs to know who is trying to kill him and his friends.

Malia is going to deal with “her past.” That could mean guilt from the time she spent living as a were-coyote and mauling her family, but it also could mean Stiles and Scott finally tell her about her father. Learning that Peter Hale is her father is definitely going to be a shock.

Episode 9 – “Perishable” airing August 18

Don’t expect the attempts to kill supernaturals to stop. Scott and Liam will be targeted at a lacrosse event. The annual bonfire is going to get a bit ugly as the boys try to hide their werewolf identities from the team.

Plus, “Lydia uncovers …” That’s it. That’s how the description actually ends. Lydia is uncovering something so top secret that vague words cannot even describe it.

Episode 10 – “Monstrous” airing August 25

This episode brings the return of a Season 3 character called Satomi. Many “Teen Wolf” fans will remember Satomi as a character from the World War II episode. She was the werewolf in a camp with Kira’s mother. Apparently, Satomi is still alive and well, and she needs Scott’s help. Her pack is also on the supernatural hit list, and she needs to protect them.

Also, “Stiles and Malia discover …” Ellipses again. MTV apparently wants the end of this season to be a major surprise for fans.

Episode 11 – “A Promise To The Dead” airing September 1

The pack will “begin a dangerous battle against an old enemy.” Kate seems like the most obvious villain to return for the finale, but “Teen Wolf" could surprise fans by bringing back Gerard Argent, Alison’s hunter grandfather, or last season’s Oni. At this point, Scott and the pack have really racked up a number of enemies. It could be anyone.

The only episode summary still missing is for Season 4 episode 12, which will be the finale. MTV is probably keeping that locked up for a while longer.

“Teen Wolf” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV. What are you most excited for in the second half of the season? Leave a comment below!