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In "Teen Wolf" Season 4 episode 5, Stiles realizes what weapon killed a young werewolf. MTV

“Teen Wolf” Episode 5 proved to be another shocking episode. It turns out that Scott and his friends aren’t the only supernatural beings in Beacon County. Check out how more people with powers affect the team and find out which character is losing his powers below.

The episode starts out with Violet going after a blonde werewolf. The victim chants, “The sun, the moon the truth.” It’s the same chant that last week’s keg delivery guy, Demarco, uttered before getting his head cut off. Garrett tricks her into the car and stabs her, and Sheriff Stilinski has another body to deal with.

The sheriff knows that this isn’t a normal killing. Stiles and Scott have to explain the supernatural hit list (or dead pool) to the sheriff. Stilinski realizes that this might not be happening to just the small town of Beacon Hills but the much larger Beacon County.

They explain that Allison’s name was only the first cypher key. They need two more to access the entire dead pool. They also theorize that the Benefactor is using that $117 million from the Hale vault to fund these assassinations.

Stiles feels the case takes precedence over school. He has crime scene photos on his desk when Coach walks up to him.

“If I could grade you on how profoundly you disturb me, you would be an A+ student,” Coach says.

Stiles sees Coach’s lacrosse stick and realizes the girl that died was killed by a lacrosse stick.

Before his first lacrosse game, Liam is alone in the locker room and approached by Derek. Derek breaks a lacrosse stick and Liam goes into a rage. Scott calms him and shows Liam that it wasn’t his lacrosse stick. Scott asks Derek for advice on how to handle a beta, but Derek thinks Scott is doing great.

Yet that isn’t the end of Liam’s anger issues. The first game is against Liam’s old school, the one he got kicked out of. When he tries to make amends with his old school’s team captain, they laugh in his face. Liam freaks out and Scott and Stiles have to hold a growling Liam in a cold shower until he calms down. Liam eventually explains that he has Intermittent Explosive Disorder (I.E.D.). He’s on anti-psychotics, but he refuses to take them.

Scott and Stiles need Liam to keep it together because they know someone is going to try to kill either him or Scott during the game. The whole game is generally tense (with the exception of when Liam’s friend Mason is assuring Liam that he can beat his old team captain. Liam notes that Mason is really just checking out how hot the captain is). Liam and the captain of his old school end up on the ground as the result of a squabble with Garrett. The captain of Liam’s old school is taken off the field while Scott quickly pushes a bone back in place in Liam’s arm. The boys now know that Garrett is an assassin, but they think he missed his shot.

Earlier in the episode, Violet and Garrett were seen mixing a rare yellow wolfsbane to poison a beta. Violet wants to kill Scott because an alpha is worth more money. Garrett reminds her that he is too powerful.

Stiles and Scott don’t realize that the beta they were aiming for is actually on the other team. They poisoned their intended target.

Scott heads into the locker room to discover Violet killing the wolf. She tries to go for Scott, but he easily knocks her out.

That doesn’t mean the dead pool is solved by any means. They know that there are more killers out there, and they need to know who they are looking for. Lydia is tasked with finding the next two cypher keys to get the list, but the banshee is breaking down.

Lydia says to Malia, “I’m not like you guys. I don’t have glowing eyes or claws. I just have voices in my head.”

The two call Meredith, a patient that Malia knew at the mental hospital. She walks 15 miles from the coast to the high school and gets picked up by Deputy Parrish.

The sherriff calls Lydia in, and the deputy asks if it’s because she’s a psychic. Parrish believes in Lydia’s psychic powers. Meredith gives them four letters and claims it’s a phone number. Lydia is frustrated that Meredith isn't more helpful. Eventually, Malia asks Lydia if the numbers corresponded to the letters on the phone’s number pad. They realize the next cypher key is Aiden. They also discover that Parrish is on the list.

Meanwhile, Chris Argent is trying to help Derek track down Kate. He goes down to the Hale vault to see the scene of Kate’s crime. Chris says that he’ll lock her in some type of werewolf jail when he finds her. Derek asks him not to. He reveals that Kate didn’t just take away the blue color of his wolf eyes but also his sense of smell. He is losing is powers.

The Calaveras returned to have a standoff with Argent. They tell him that Braeden is still missing. They force him to repeat the motto of hunters, “We hunt those who hunt us.” It looks like they don’t want Kate in a cage. They want her dead. They don’t seem to realize that Allison created a new code for the Argents before she died: "We protect those who cannot protect themselves."

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