Lydia (Holland Roden) Season 4 Photo Credit
Lydia and Stiles team up this week to discover the third cypher key. Check out whose name unlocks the last of the deadpool in the Season 4 episode 6 recap below. Jaimie Trueblood/MTV

“Teen Wolf” Season 4 episode 6 was violent, to say the least. Assassins were outed and the deadpool was fully revealed, but it came at a price. The body count was pretty high this week. Check out the recap to find out who died.

The episode starts with a flashback to four weeks ago. Kate gets a cassette tape in her car that explains the truscalion. She goes after assassins, hoping to find the Benefactor. She leaves a trail of bodies behind, but those are far from the last deaths of the night.

In the present day, the episode picks up shortly after last week's episode with Violet being arrested for attempted murder. Agent McCall shows up and apologizes to Scott for not being there. He says that Violet and Garrett are called the Orphans and tells the Sheriff to track down her boyfriend Garrett.

Brett, the werewolf that Garrett attacked, is brought to Deaton to remove the yellow wolfs bane from his body. However, Derek can’t hold the young werewolf down long enough to let Deaton cut in the poison out. His powers are missing.

Scott finds a duffel bag of money in Garrett’s locker and steals it. It seems unlike Scott, but it makes more sense when Melissa McCall is on the phone with the electric company since their bill is three months overdue.

Scott's new beta Liam finds himself trying to clear his head after the lacrosse game happens. He goes for a run with Mason, but his friend won’t stop talking. “Professional killers were using us. How are you not freaking out about that?” Mason asks Liam. Liam runs ahead of him, but he runs into Garrett. Garrett poisons him and throws him down an abandoned well in the middle of the woods.

Garrett tells Scott, “I want the money and Violet or you never see Liam again.”

Garrett devises a plan for Scott to break Violet out of custody, and Scott has to follow it if he wants to find Liam before the yellow wolfs bane kills him.

Derek brings Malia to the woods to find Brett’s pack. After hearing their mantra, Derek knows that it’s Satomi’s pack (a wolf viewers met in Season 3's WWII episode). Derek tells Malia that some wolves can hide their scents, but they realize that their mantra is Buddhist. They will be some place facing the east. They discover the pack’s dead bodies at the lookout point. Braeden is with the pack, and she’s the only one who seems slightly alive.

Stiles and Lydia go see Parrish. He doesn’t know why he’s on the deadpool or why anyone would want $5 million for his life. Lydia asks to see Meredith so she can get the third cipher key (unlocking the last of the deadpool), and Parrish helps them get in to Eichen House without a court order.

Meredith says the Benefactor doesn’t want her to tell them the third cipher key. Something changed and now she can’t talk to them. They keep asking her questions until she screams which causes Lydia to start bleeding from her ears.

Stiles realizes that the third key is the name of someone who isn’t dead but will be. Banshees predict death. Lydia closes her eyes and types. Derek is the key to unlocking the rest of the deadpool. Meredith is on the list. Another interesting name: Malia Hale. Someone else knows Malia’s parentage. When Lydia calls Parrish to warn Meredith, he tells her that she hung herself that evening.

Scott has to worry about keeping his family alive. Berserkers attack the car Agent McCall and Sheriff Stillinski are in while transferring Violet to a federal facility. Kate kidnaps Violet, but Garrett is no longer interested in finding her. Garrett decides it’s a good time to take out Scott, but a berserker gets to him first. Garrett is impaled and killed.

The Sheriff and FBI Agent are sent to the hospital while Scott goes after Kate with Chris Argent. They know she has Violet who will know where Liam is. Kate says that she wanted to put off facing Argent. She wanted to wait until she had more control. Argent exhibits no self control and starts to shoot at the berserkers. The berserkers are uninjured but angry enough to attack. Kate stops her minions from killing her brother while Scott finds Violet dead in a backroom.

Eventually, Scott finds Liam right as he is climbing up the cobblestone and almost falls into the well again. After Deaton cuts the poison out of Liam’s chest, Scott is determined to stop letting people suffer.

“I’m going to save everyone,” Scott says.

That apparently starts with his mom. They know that the Benefactor is using Hale money to fund the assassinations, but Scott doesn’t give Derek the duffel bag full of Garrett’s cash. Instead, he counts it out with Stiles (whose father is having trouble paying for medical bills from when Stiles was evil). They find a cassette tape like Kate’s in the bag as well.

The episode ends with Peter finding Kate. He wants to join forces with her to stop the Benefactor. Naturally, Peter isn’t doing this out of the goodness of his heart but for money and power. Being driven by lust for money and power probably won't help the body count for Season 4.

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