Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? Apparently not "The Benefactor.” That’s the name of the Beacon Hill’s newest villain who is rumored to cause a massive amount of destruction when “Teen Wolf” returns with its Season 4 premiere on Monday, June 23.

Curious who this mysterious bad guy is? You’re not alone. We’re itching to find out the scoop on Scott’s latest -- not to mention anonymous -- enemy. And although we can’t tell you exactly who this shady character is, we can certainly give you the dish on why he’s got his evil sights set on Beacon Hill.

Check out 5 things you should know about the newest villain on “Teen Wolf”:

1. For those who don’t know, a benefactor is a person who gives money or other help to a person or cause, which is why you saw money floating from the skies during the first Season 4 promo of “Teen Wolf.” But who is The Benefactor tossing cash at and why?

2. The creator of the hit MTV series, Jeff Davis, explained to BuzzFeed that The Benefactor will be tossing Benjamin’s at anyone with money signs in their eyes.

To elaborate, the Executive Producer revealed that the main characters of the show would be struggling with financial problems in Season 4, which could ultimately lead them down a very dangerous road.

“Stiles is dealing with bills from Eichen House and the MRI they can’t quite pay for; Scott and his mother live in a house that was given to her by her parents that has all the problems of a big house," he continued. "These are Spielbergian kids struggling to make ends meet and it’s sort of a ‘Treasure of The Sierra Madre’–type season where they’re all going to be tempted by money. Tempted by the idea of, ‘What if I took out this person on the list? How much money could I get?’ That’s the big idea of Season 4.”

Perhaps that’s why we saw the teens of Beacon Hill’s all racing toward the fallen gun, as money floats down, as if it were a game of dodge ball.

3. But if for some reason the residents of Beacon Hill’s aren’t tempted by The Benefactor’s bills, he has a handful of professionally trained assassins to take the supernatural creatures out. Yep, as if the town didn’t have enough drama now they’ll be welcoming a handful of spooky killers when Season 4 premieres – and here they are:

4. So, who exactly is on this “hit list”?

“We call it The Dead Pool,” David explained to BuzzFeed, giving us a chill. “It’s a list of names, a list of all the various kinds of supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills – it’s essentially a hit list – and all of their names are on it. The mystery is: Who is this person paying out for the supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills to be murdered? Who is the benefactor?”

5. That’s the question on everyone’s minds. Seriously, everyone's. Not even the “Teen Wolf” cast knows who this mystery mad man is – and that’s just the way Davis likes it.

“One of the things we wanted to do this season was get back to a mystery. And what’s fun about a mystery like this, is everyone on the crew is guessing who The Benefactor is — and no one had any clue. So I can’t wait to see the fans guessing,” he revealed.

Are you officially creeped out? We totally are. Sound off with your predictions of what will happen in Season 4 of “Teen Wolf” in the comments section below and don’t forget to tune in when the series airs June 23.