It seems Scott has the werewolf job down, but he’s still pretty awkward when it comes to being just a teenager. In a new sneak-peek video for the “Teen Wolf” Season 5 premiere, it looks he could’ve made a grave mistake: Scott (Tyler Posey) may have accidentally broken up with Kira (Arden Cho). How does that even happen? Luckily, Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) is there to explain what his best friend may have done wrong.

In the video, Scott and Stiles are at the hospital and preparing to do something that night. Stiles asks if Scott reminded Kira about their plans, and the werewolf says that his girlfriend only texted him once this week.

“Once? How did you guys leave things when she left for New York?” Stiles asks.

“They were good, yeah,” Scott says. “I just said, ‘Don’t worry about anything. Just go have fun.’”

Stiles revealed that “go have fun” might have been a cue that they weren’t exclusive anymore. He goes to his girlfriend Malia (Shelley Hennig) and asks what she would have assumed if she’d been told to “go have fun” before a summer away.

“Fun like bowling or sex with other guys?” Malia asks.

Scott can’t help but be distracted by the number of people coming in on gurneys. His mom (Melissa Ponzio) is working there, so he asks her what happened. She explains that there was a pile up on the highway after a major accident. Scott realizes that it’s the only highway Kira could be on if she’s coming back from the airport.

“I can get her,” Scott says. “You guys head to the school. Lydia’s probably already there. We’ll meet you by midnight.”

Stiles questions how he can even get to her in the middle of a traffic jam, but Scott doesn’t seem to worry about that.

Watch the sneak peek video from the “Teen Wolf” Season 5 premiere below via Teen Wolf Instinct:

This clip leaves viewers with lots of questions. Fans already saw the first five minutes of the premiere episode and Lydia was in a Eichen House. Was that a dream sequence or do her friends not know where she is? Why are they going to school at midnight? Would Kira actually misinterpret “go have fun”? Fans will have to wait until the premiere to have those questions answered.

“Teen Wolf” Season 5 premiere will air in two parts on MTV on Monday at 10 p.m. EDT and Tuesday, June 30, at 9 p.m. EDT.