“Teen Wolf” Season 5 is putting everyone’s lives in danger. In episode 7, Scott’s (Tyler Posey) pack decides to go after the Dread Doctors. However, the villains aren’t going to be easy to tame. With the ability to cause hallucinations, the bad guys made a night at Beacon Hills High take a dark turn. Unfortunately, not every death was a hallucination.

The episode picks up where last week left off. Theo (Cody Christian) has just killed Josh (Henry Zaga), who was about to kill Stiles (Dylan O’Brien). Theo reveals that he saw Donovan’s (Ashton Moio) dead body. He claims that he didn’t say anything that night because he saw the cop car approach the school. He didn’t want to say anything to Scott if Stiles didn’t. Theo convinces Stiles not to say anything to the Alpha about how Josh really died. Theo says that it was self-defense, as it was for Stiles and Donovan, and says they either tell the truth or hide the body. Stiles knows he has to help Theo.

They bring the body to the veterinarian’s office and tell Scott that the Dread Doctors killed him. They quickly agree to take turns watching the body so that they can determine who is stealing corpses of chimeras. In fact, Scott doesn’t even question their willingness to work together because he has Hayden (Victoria Moroles) to worry about.

Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) tries to tell Hayden the truth about supernatural creatures, but she thinks he is crazy. When he shows his wolf eyes, she punches him the face and leaves. However, she notices things are getting weird. Her hand heals in seconds. Then her car breaks down as the Dread Doctors approach. They lock her in her car as she tries to escape. They speak through her radio, saying her name. Luckily, Liam followed her. He rips a window out of the car and pulls her out.

He takes her home, but she locks herself in the bathroom immediately. She opens the door for Scott and Stiles and reveals that she is starting to transform. She already had glowing eyes, fangs and talons.

Meanwhile, Kira (Arden Cho) has her own powers to deal with. Her father (Tom T. Choi) took her to the school on Saturday, where her own mother (Tamlyn Tomita) challenged her to a duel. “Mom, this isn’t what I would call quality mother/daughter time,” Kira said.

They engage in a pretty intense fight. Finally, Kira’s kitsune powers go into full effect and she nearly kills her mother. Mrs. Yukimura explains that it is the fox inside of her that wants to kill her, not Kira.

Scott decides that they might be able to trap the Dread Doctors in school. They can “disrupt their frequency.” Kira says she is sitting this round out since the last time she was near them, they manipulated her powers for their own gain. The two kissed, but with all the flashbacks to their other romantic moments that were shown, it seems like this might be the last kiss the couple has for a while.

Kira’s mother gives her daughter acupuncture in hopes of allowing the power inside her to shift. She needs to be in more control than the fox. Later, Kira’s parents discover the acupuncture needles were put on Kira’s headboard in the shape of “115” and the kitsune is nowhere to be found.

Back at the vet’s office, Stiles realizes that the body won’t be stolen while they’re in the room. He uses his cell phone to film the office so he and Theo can figure out who is stealing the bodies. However, Theo realizes that it might not be as important as he thought. A quick visit from a Dread Doctor reveals that the villains know who is grabbing the bodies, but they aren’t telling Theo who it is.

Theo and Stiles watch the video from the car. Theo tries to relate to Scott’s best friend. He says Stiles reminds him of his sister, who always looked out for him the way Stiles looks out for Scott. He says he found his sister’s body and blamed himself. Stiles asks why the wolf feels the need to share this. “I’m telling you because even if you don’t know me and even if you don’t like me, I’m still going to look out for you,” Theo says.

A flashback reveals that Theo is still an evil liar. He didn’t find her body. He found his sister alive in the water and refused to help her get out. He creepily watched her suffer. 

While Theo lies through his teeth, the Sheriff (Linden Ashby) and Melissa (Melissa Ponzio) learn the truth about the chimeras. Through medical records, they realize that there is a connection between them. Two of them had skin grafts from donors. They realize that the chimeras have all been given part of another person.

While the parents figure out the details, the pack tries to attack. They set up modems around the school in hopes of “disrupting the frequency” of the Dread Doctors. As they’re setting up, Lydia realizes that Liam doesn’t know the full plan.

Liam finds the chains in Scott’s bag and realizes Scott isn’t just protecting Hayden—he plans to use her for bait. Scott tells Liam that someone has to do it and Hayden is next on the Dread Doctors' list. “Promise me, you’re doing everything you can to save her,” Liam says. Scott gives his word, but he can't help it if the Doctors play with people's minds.

In Parrish’s (Ryan Kelley) car, he has a sudden vision of Lydia. They immediately start making out in the car, but suddenly he sees her completely covered in burns. That does not stop their hook up.

Malia hears Parrish drive off and tries to go after her, but a bear trap pops out of the floor and traps her. Then several blades pop out of the ground and impale her. One blade even goes straight through her throat.

Hayden also has a problem when she forgets her pills. She needs them because of her kidney transplant. Scott goes to Hayden’s locker, but he is suddenly attacked by a blade through the chest. “You know who I am,” Kira says in a deep voice. “I am the messenger of death.”

Lydia has her own vision of Tracey (Kelsey Chow) ripping her tongue out. The Dread Doctors walk right in. With the pack hallucinating, the plan for a trap doesn’t really work. “We’re on a frequency that you can’t possibly imagine,” one says as they break a modem.

Just because they aren’t at school doesn’t mean Stiles and Theo aren’t in danger. They’re having an argument about if Theo has really murdered anyone if it was an act of self-defense. Theo shows that his eyes are yellow, so obviously he hasn’t taken any innocent lives. Stiles says that it might be because Theo didn’t care. Maybe it’s the guilt that turns wolves’ eyes blue. Still, Stiles isn’t completely immune to Theo’s charms. He admits that he initially thought “good” when he saw that Donovan was dead.

Suddenly, a flaming fist punching Theo interrupts them. Then Stiles’ parked car is flipped over. He is knocked unconscious as his Jeep is lit on fire. Parrish goes into the veterinarian’s office to grab Josh’s body. Theo saves Stiles from the burning Jeep, but he didn’t see who grabbed the body.

At Sinema, Corey (Michael Johnston) gets upset and breaks a glass. Mason (Khylin Rhambo) asks if the injury healed right away. He realizes that Corey is the next chimera and has to tell the pack.

Mason finds Scott and hurts his hand to get him out of the hallucination. Malia and Lydia have survived too, but Liam and Hayden are gone. They’re in the Dread Doctor’s lab. Liam is on the ground while the villains operate on her.

The teenagers aren’t the only ones in trouble this week. Melissa comes home to see a dead body on her kitchen table. The victim has a sword through her torso.

“Teen Wolf” Season 5 airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.