Teen Wolf Season 5 finale
Stiles (Dylan O'Brien) had to say goodbye to his Jeep in the "Teen Wolf" Season 5 summer finale. MTV/Facebook

The “Teen Wolf” Season 5 midseason finale certainly wasn’t lacking in shocking moments. With the supermoon in full force, the werewolves were more on edge than ever, and they weren’t the only ones. After refusing to bite Hayden (Victoria Moroles), Liam (Dylan Sprayberry) was on bad terms with Scott (Tyler Posey). Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) wasn’t doing much better after Scott discovered that he killed Donovan (Ashton Moio) in episode 9. As usual, Theo (Cody Christian) only made it worse. However, in episode 10, Scott finally realized that Theo wasn’t on his side.

1. What is Parrish? Lydia (Holland Roden) stayed with Parrish (Ryan Kellley) at the jail all night. They discussed their powers, and Parrish revealed that he saw her as a banshee in a hallucination once. She thinks about a myth Kira once told her about those to protect the supernatural. She goes to investigate and realizes that Parrish is a hellhound.

2. Malia Knew Stiles Killed Donovan – The Jeep was finally dead and Malia (Shelley Hennig) had to pick Stiles up. Malia says she noticed how bad things were with him lately. She reveals that she saw the bite from Donovan on his shoulder when he was sleeping and assumed that he killed the chimera. “It didn’t matter to me. That’s why I never said anything,” Malia said.

3. Theo is a Coyote – Theo turns into a regular coyote, the same way Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) turns into a wolf. He impresses Malia with the power before asking for her help. “Did you tell Scott you’re planning to kill your mother?” Theo asks. He wants to help Malia, but only if she helps the chimeras first.

4. Theo Reveals Himself As Evil – Scott goes to the library to find Lydia (who Theo knocked out and kidnapped), but he just ends up in a trap. Theo puts down a line of mountain ash, which he can touch because he isn’t a werewolf after all. “I’m the first chimera,” he explains. “It’s the coyote part you don’t notice. That’s why Malia trusted me first.” He says that Scott will just have to wait until the supermoon before he can get out. While Scott can’t get over the mountain ash, he can go up. He uses a utility closet to get to the roof.

5. Theo Tries To Kill Scott – Scott smashes his inhaler and realizes he was poisoned. Theo put wolfsbane in his asthma inhaler.

6. Liam Tries To Kill Scott – Theo puts Liam in the school with Scott. The supermoon enhances Liam’s anger and makes him want to kill Scott. He attacks his Alpha because he refuses to bite Hayden to help her, even though Scott explained that she wouldn't survive the bite anyway. The two engage in an epic battle. “I can’t let you kill me,” Scott says. The two start fighting on the roof but crash through the skylight into the library.

7. Braeden Returns – Malia finds a blood-drinking chimera. He attacks but Braeden (Meagan Tandy) shoots him with some sort of electrical bullet. Braeden says that the Desert Wolf (Marisol Nichols) knows Malia is alive, and she’s coming back to Beacon Hills for her.

8. Theo Captures Sheriff – In one of Theo’s many wins in the “Teen Wolf” midseason finale, he captured Sheriff Stilinski (Linden Ashby). Theo gives Stiles a choice: he can either tell Scott about Parrish finding new bodies or he can save his father. The two get into a fight, but Stiles has to choose his father.

9. Hayden Dies – While Liam is fighting Scott, Hayden dies. She is in the basement of the hospital, with only Melissa (Melissa Ponzio) by her side.

10. Mason Saves Scott – Mason (Khylin Rhambo) walks into the library to tell Liam about Hayden. The interruption distracts him and forces him to stop and evaluate what he is doing. Mason announcing her death makes Liam run away.

11. Scott's Death – Theo attacks after Liam runs away, and he digs his claws into Scott’s stomach. He leaves him on the ground to die. Melissa finds Mason next to her son's body and starts doing CPR. “He hasn’t had a pulse in over 15 minutes,” Mason reasons. Melissa refuses to give up.

“You’re an Alpha,” she keeps saying. She hits him in the chest one last times and he comes back to life with a roar.

12. Undead Chimeras – Theo has Lydia in the Dread Doctors’ lab. “I’ve never done this before, Lydia, but it’s a risk I have to take,” Theo says. He puts his claws into her neck to access her memories of the nematon. He finds out where the magical tree is, but Lydia doesn’t look okay. He brings her to the nematon and she falls to the ground with a blank expression.

He injects the dead chimeras with a serum and they all come back to life. Hayden and the others aren’t dead anymore. “I’m your Alpha,” he says. “And all of you belong to me.”

“Teen Wolf” Season 5 returns to MTV in winter. What was your favorite moment from the midseason finale? Sound off in the comments section below!