The final season of “Teen Wolf” is going to be packed with drama. The Ghost Riders, villains that erase people from existence, will come to Beacon Hills for Stiles. However, executive producer Jeff Davis revealed a little more about Season 6 when he spoke to reporters at New York Comic Con. He teased plenty of storylines, and it sounds like this could be the most emotional season of “Teen Wolf” yet.

1. Death — Expect someone viewers love to die. Davis revealed that the writers have a hit list for the final season, but he wouldn’t say who is safe. “There will be one or two, maybe more deaths this season,” Davis revealed to International Business Times. “We have a hit list in the writers room, and some of that list, I tell the writers, ‘We’re not gonna kill that person. That person’s off limits.’ The others I’m — maybe. If it can be a good death. I prefer a good death. Not just blood and not just for the shock of it. I’d rather it be meaningful death.”

2. A Single Scott — Kira (Arden Cho) will not return for Season 6, so Scott (Tyler Posey) will be flying solo … at least for a little while. “Scott is a single man but may not be single for that long. We’re interested in unlikely romances this season,” Davis revealed.

3. Mama McCall Romance — It’s not just the young McCall getting some action. Melissa (Melissa Ponzio) might have sparks with someone special too. “I can tease that Melissa may be finding a moment with someone in particular, so you’ll have to wait and see about that,” he teased.

4. An Emotional Sheriff — At least one parent has some lighter material, but Stiles’ father (Linden Ashby) will be getting darker. “Linden has really cool material to work with and gives one of his most emotional performances this season,” Davis praised. “It’s great. I’m always stunned by — these actors always surprise me with the depth and levels of emotion.”

5. Mythical Creatures — Ghost Riders aren’t the only myths coming to life in “Teen Wolf” Season 6, but of course, he wouldn’t hint at the next legend being adapted.

6. Layden Drama — The youngest couple on “Teen Wolf” will find themselves in trouble. “Hayden [Victoria Moroles] and Liam [Dylan Sprayberry] are still very much together but finding a rocky path,” he said.

7. Why Is Stiles Taken? — Why are Peter (Ian Bohen) and Stiles (Dylan O’Brien) targeted by the Ghost Riders? The executive producer wouldn’t reveal exactly what their motive is yet, but he told us that their reasons would finally come to light in episode 5. He promised that there is logic behind who they are taking. 

“Teen Wolf” Season 6 premieres Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 9 p.m. EDT on MTV.