FYI’s newest reality show, “Teenage Newlyweds,” is exactly what it sounds like. Teenagers are getting hitched. Unlike the network’s other hits like “Married at First Sight” and “Arranged,” the couples already know each other. However, getting married at a young age presents its own challenges. The pairs will have to figure out adulthood together and hope that growing up doesn’t mean growing apart.

In Season 1, episode 1, viewers are introduced to three young couples. The brides and grooms defend their decisions to get married, but it’s clear that this isn’t going to be an easy journey for them.

Halie and George

This Mormon couple has a long-distance relationship. Halie’s family is in Arizona while George, 21, and his parents live in Utah. George admits that the time he and Halie, 18, have actually spent together amounts to about two months, and they don’t know everything about each other yet. They feel like they have the rest of their lives to learn about each other.

The two are religious and are committed to not having sex until marriage. With their big day quickly approaching, they are both a little nervous about their wedding night. George admits that his only “sex talks” have been with a friend who is also waiting for marriage. He says any talks his parents had with him mostly focused on abstinence.

Before her wedding, Halie’s mom tells her not to forget herself. She doesn’t want her daughter to be so focused on her husband that she forgets to work on herself as an individual.

“For those people that say I’m too young or he’s too young: OK, well, that’s your opinion, but we know for us it’s the right thing,” Halie tells the cameras before walking down the aisle.

Their families are both emotional, but they seem supportive. Even George’s older brother Adam shows up for the big day. Adam has left the Mormon church, so he can’t go inside the temple, but they invited him to the ceremony anyway. Though Adam is going through his second divorce, he still hopes to find what Halie and George have one day.

After the main event, there is a ring ceremony that all of their friends and family can attend, regardless of religion. However, Adam is nowhere to be found. They wait for a little while, but eventually, they have to move on without George’s brother.

Brenda and Travis Teenage Newlyweds Brenda and Travis Brenda and Travis make their conflicting beliefs clear in “Teenage Newlyweds” Season 1, episode 1. Photo: A. Smith & Co. Productions/FYI These college students have very different views, and that’s where most of their issues come from. Brenda, 19, is liberal and Travis, 20, is conservative. The two even tried to split up because of their differences, but they just couldn’t stay away from each other. After a year of dating, Travis proposed.

“I never really thought that I would get married in the middle of college,” Travis tells the cameras. “But then I guess when you don’t want to have sex until you’re married, you want to get married.”

Travis’ family feels it is important for Brenda to love God. His conservative, religious values cause tension in their relationship. Travis and Brenda fight about marriage equality. Brenda asks if he’d support their future son if he was gay, and Travis simply says marriage is for a man and a woman. Brenda thinks everyone should have the opportunity to marry whomever they love.

When the two drive past an abortion protester, they get into another heated discussion. Brenda asks what would happen if she were raped and got pregnant, and Travis tells her he’d want her to keep the baby. She knows that she’d get an abortion in that case, and it would probably result in a divorce. The two fear their differences could tear them apart, but they’re still heading toward the altar.

Brenda’s father died when she was young, so her mother walks her down the aisle. Brenda and Travis manage to avoid political arguments and their wedding goes off without any drama.

Emma and Joey Teenage Newlyweds Emma and Joey Emma and Joey lost something important on their wedding day in the “Teenage Newlyweds” premiere. Photo: A. Smith & Co. Productions/FYI These high school sweethearts have concerned families. Their parents wanted them to go to premarital counseling so they could have the skills to deal with fighting and stress, but Emma, 19, and Joey, 21, refused.

Emma’s family would like Joey to have a little more direction in life. He dropped out of school. He wants to be a husband and father, but he doesn’t have career ambitions. Emma says he is smart and also hopes he’ll do more with his life.

The two are very happy on their wedding day until they lose a crucial piece of paperwork. The wedding license goes missing before the ceremony, and Joey says it’s Emma’s fault. Luckily, they find it in Joey’s car.

Despite the drama beforehand, the ceremony looks perfect. The two read the vows they wrote, which even include a “Game of Thrones” reference. “I vow to be your Khaleesi, if you be my Khal,” Emma says.

All three couples managed to get through their wedding days, but fans will have to keep watching to see how they handle “happily ever after.” “Teenage Newlyweds” Season 1 airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on FYI.