“Temple Run 2” officially launched for iOS this morning, and it looks like Android users will once again have to wait for the mobile gaming phenomenon’s surprise follow up. However, those using Google’s mobile operating system may not have to wait as long as they did for the first mobile action game.

Developer Imangi Studios is reportedly planning to launch “Temple Run 2” for iOS as early as next week. In an interview with Polygon, Imangi co-founder Keith Shepherd said that the widely popular app would be available through the Google Play platform and Amazon’s Appstore. While this sounds promising for Android lovers, Shepherd cautioned that “Temple Run 2” launch plans have not been confirmed.

“…With these things, you never know,” he said to the video game news source.

Unlike the first version of “Temple Run,” the sequel was built entirely in the Unity cross-platform engine to enable easier porting between operating systems. Using Unity also helps eliminate problems that could occur between different versions of the game. For example, when the original game made its way to Android, it was met with significant performance and stability issues for some players.

The free-to-play mobile game generated millions in revenue and has seen more than 170 million downloads since its 2011 launch. The action adventure hit has garnered for than 15 million players that access the game each day, Shepherd also told the Wall Street Journal.

“Temple Run 2” is largely the same as its predecessor with some new twists and turns—literally. The controls are the same, but players will find some new obstacles such as ziplines, mine tracks and sharper turns. The game progresses much more quickly than the original, with the main character moving at a faster pace and hurdles that are more subtly blended with the environment. According to Shepherd, the “Temple Run” sequel has been in development since March and has pushed Imangi to expand its creative staff.

“When we started making the sequel we were trying to build a bigger, better, more awesome version than the first,” he told the Wall Street Journal. “We’re still a relatively small studio, but we knew we were going to need some more help than just the three of us.”

While the second generation of “Temple Run” may bring some new elements, the idea was to bring players the same overall experience.

“Our main goal was to provide something that felt familiar,” the Imangi co-founder also said. “You immediately know how to play. You’re still running down this endless path, swiping to jump and turn and tilting.”

We’ll be looking out for the debut of “Temple Run 2” for Android in the coming weeks, but Android users can check out the lengthy clip below to get a preview of what’s to come.