One of the most widely received mobile games, Temple Run, is finally making its way from iPhone devices to Android phones. On March 27th, the running platformer will be available for free download in the Android Market.

The game, which was introduced for the iPhone in August 2011, was supposed to debut on Android in February. With over 40 million downloads since its release, the adventure-running game still ranks at number seven on the most popular iTunes store apps. 

One of the key reasons the game has seen such success is because it's free, and doesn't request any in-game charges for upgrades.

There's no barrier to downloading it, and it can be fully played without have to buy anything, co-founder Natalia Luckyanova said to Tech Crunch.

The game centers on an Indiana Jones-esque character outrunning a swarm of monkeys. Players swipe the screen to make the character jump or duck, and tilt the device to move from side to side. Users collect currency within the game to purchase upgrades.

This is sure to satisfy Android users demanding the game, after developer Imangi Studios received some social network flak for not announcing a release date.