A Memphis grandma was arrested Wednesday night after she allegedly called 911 for help in getting beer when her granddaughter refused to buy her alcohol.

Rosie Pate, 68, was arrested on charges of domestic assault and abusing the 911 system after her granddaughter, Keoshia Pate, told officers that her grandmother “was angry because she wouldn’t buy her a beer” and “became angry and slapped her with an open hand,” according to an affidavit filed in Shelby County Criminal Court in Tennessee and obtained Friday by the Smoking Gun.

Pate allegedly admitted to the police officer that she hit her granddaughter and then called 911 “for police assistance in getting a beer.” Officers than arrested the grandmother and took her to the local jail.

Officers took photos of a small scratch underneath Keoshia Pate’s left eye, according to the complaint.

Rosie Pate has a court date scheduled for Friday in connection with her arrest, Shelby County Sheriff’s Office records showed.