Terrell Owens, noted wide receiver who holds a workout for exactly zero interested teams, is also apparently having trouble paying his child support though he uses Twitter as a means to attain money.

Or so he claims. But his legal documents, which are probably more important than his own claims, reveal that despite his claims of no new sources of income, he's making quite the bounty off tweeting.

TMZ, uh, reported that Owens makes a bloody fortune by tweeting, though not in a literal sense, of course. That would mean, literally, his money is covered in blood, or something.

Anyway, T.O. is apparently getting paid anywhere between $2,800 and $6,400 for promotional tweets. He earned the $2,800 in one tweet promoting Cutters, a football glove company. In another, promoting good Old Navy, he pulled in $4,800. The $6,400 came from a tweet promoting Fantapper, a sports social networking site.

No word if he also received any compensation for tweeting about TMZ: Sup tweeples! Just left Pinz & got stalked by TMZ! Or if LeBron James paid him for retweeting a video of his Thanksgiving dinner. Yeah, that happened.

Owens has nearly 1.1 million followers on Twitter.

In TMZ's obtaining of the legal documents, the site also discovered that T.O. has earned residual money for an episode of MTV's Punk'd and for appearances on Any Given Sunday and Necessary Roughness.

The biggest hauls, though, came in the form of $10,000 compensation for promoting Yahoo! Fantasy Football and $20,000 promoting a Super Bowl party, though TMZ doesn't specify how he promoted those things.

All that, and you figure he has more than enough to pay for himself and for child support, right? No, you're wrong. Wrong. Not when you spend more than $82,000 a month and are on the hook for more than $40,000 more in child support.

Sure doesn't seem like T.O. is in good hands. Then again, he has never really had the best hands.