If you frequently monitor the Internet for the next viral sensation, then you've most likely stumbled upon the Texts from Bennett Tumblr blog detailing ridiculous conversations between an anonymous blogger and his cousin Bennett.

But who is behind the Internet sensation?

The same man who entered Internet fame by uploading a video of himself rapping while making pancakes: Mac Lethal, from Kansas City.

Mac Lethal documents text message conversations from his 17-year-old cousin Bennett, described on the blog as a 17 year old who thinks he's a Crip, works at Amoco, has a girlfriend named Mercedes, and is one of the most unintentionally funny and brilliant souls on the planet. Lethal snaps screenshots of the text conversations, which he claims are real, on his iPhone and uploads them to the Web site.

If you've read the iPhone messages, you'd know that Bennett is a real orator, with a lethal weapon for a tongue, to say the least.

One text from Bennett talks about how he filled a neighbor's car with water from a garden hose before going to jail. Another text, he says he will pass off his Indian girlfriend as Mexican at Thanksgiving dinner. Another spells lasagna as lasanya.

According to the blogger, Bennett actually has no idea the blog exists. For now.

One Reddit user made the connection, solving the mystery behind who could be so genius enough to exploit his cousin for the sake of humor.

The rapper who was on this video from earlier today on reddit, Mac Lethal, is Bennett's cousin. He's the one texting him, the Reddit user Metalstaroo wrote.

Luckily for Mac Lethal, his YouTube video entitled Nerdy white kid KILLS 'Look at Me Now' (Mac Lethal), has also picked up steam, amassing over 2 million views as of Friday morning.

After he was outed, Mac Lethal reflected on his Twitter about his success with rapping and Texts from Bennett.

Is it weird that two completely different things of mine made it to the #1 spot on the front page ofhttp://Reddit.com today? he tweeted.