NEW DELHI (Commodity Online): Ministry of Power and Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Ltd - THDC India Ltd has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) defining the performance guarantee parameters for the FY 2010-11.

An energy generation target of 3000 MU (Million Units) has been set for the year 2010-11 for the company. THDC India Limited shall expedite the works of Koteshwar H.E. Project (400 MW), Tehri Pumped Storage Plant PSP (1000 MW) and Vishnugad Pipalkoti Project (444MW).

Since the commissioning of the Tehri HPP (1000 MW) in the year 2006-07, THDC India Limited has generated approx. 8600 Million Units (MU) till February 2010.

THDC India Limited has contributed capacity addition of 1000 MW during the Xth Five year Plan. During the XIth Plan, THDC India Limited shall contribute 400 MW of capacity addition in Hydro. THDC India Limited has plans to increase its installed capacity to 3108 MW by the end of XIIth Plan.