Thresher Industries, Inc., a manufacturer of precision recycled aluminum and advanced metal matrix composite parts, announced this afternoon that it is developing a broad array of high-strength, cast aluminum components designed to help build cleaner, energy efficient vehicles. Thresher’s proprietary, biodegradable processes have already been successfully used in products for Chevrolet, Chrysler, and Ford. The company told investors that new and developing applications include, but are not limited to: torque boxes for unit body vehicles; engine cradles; feed brackets, diesel engine components, instrument panel sub-frames, and suspension components. 

Tom Flessner, President and CEO of Thresher Industries, stated, “Thresher Industries’ 100% recycled aluminum casting products are designed with reinforcements that offer increased strength, while reducing the total weight of parts. This unique combination results in the construction of lighter weight, higher fuel efficiency vehicles that can be produced at a lower cost throughout the supply chain. Our diverse applications are designed to serve all segments of the global automotive industry. As the U.S. automakers undergo an intense reorganization, our goal is to offer automakers viable, long-term solutions that can help lower costs, reduce carbon emissions and provide incentives for consumers to purchase American-made vehicles.”

To help facilitate the introduction of new products to global markets, Thresher Industries appointed Advanced Technology Sales Associates as its global sales representative. Advanced Technology has agreed to represent Thresher Industries in the Eastern United States and Europe. Automotive Sales Engineering Group’s customers include: Visteon, Lear, Automotive Components Holding Company, Ford Motor Company, American Axle, Hutchinson and Magna.

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