Who is going to stick by you after you've cheated on your wife multiple times and disgraced yourself and your game in front of a disillusioned public?

Not Roger Federer, apparently.

Federer is staying clear of Tiger Woods, according to Sports Illustrated. Not that Woods and Federer were ever the best of friends, but it's still yet another person who is steering clear of the troubled golf player.

Chris Chase of Yahoo! Sports pointed out that Woods and Federer never really did seem to have too much in common, other than each one being the best at what they do.

Federer is not Woods' only failed bromance. Charles Barkley recently reported that he and Woods have not spoken in two years. And Woods famously fired his longtime, loyal caddie, Steve Williams, last month. Williams was one of the few people who stayed by Woods' side when the scandal of his multiple extramarital affairs broke.