After Adam Scott earned his first World Golf Championship title in the Bridgestone Invitational, one fan shouted out, "How do you like him now, Tiger?"

The fan wasn't referring to Scott as the "him," rather, it was in reference to Scott's caddie, Steve Williams, who was unceremoniously dismissed by Woods.

Yet another episode in the Tiger Woods Saga -- he can't win, but his long-time caddie can.

Woods ended the 12-year partnership with Williams last month, and more flack is headed his way after Scott's momentous victory. Williams called Scott's victory "the best win of my life." 

As Williams walked toward the 18th green, he gave a smile to the fans who were chanting his name. It was almost literally "adding insult to injury" since Woods has finally returned to the Tour after not completing four rounds since the Masters in April, due to an Achilles and knee injury.

The bad blood between Woods and Williams seems quite apparent. Woods claims he fired Williams in person, while Williams said Sunday that Woods fired him over the phone. 

Unfortunately for Woods, his play in Akron couldn't make up for the public relations hit. Woods closed the Bridgestone Invitational with a 70 to tie for 37th and 18 shots behind.

Check out Williams's interview with CBS: