Tim Tebow's stunning overtime pass in the Denver Broncos vs. Pittsburgh Steelers game Sunday night also broke records in Twitter history. Reaction to the quarterback's performance reached 9,420 Tweets per second - the most amount of Twitter activity for a sports event so far.

For the sake of perspective, #TebowTime got more attention than the raid on Osama bin Laden on May 2 (5,106 Tweets per second), according to Twitter's year-end review. Steve Jobs' death garnered 6,049 tweets per second.

Twitter made the announcement on Monday via their Twitter feed. Last night @TimTebow lead the @Denver_Broncos to an overtime playoff win and a new sports Tweets per second record: 9420, it read.

Tebow's pass to Demaryius Thomas in overtime led the Broncos to a last-minute victory, 29-23. Tebow became one of the most-searched keywords in Google. The quarterback's 316 yard-long pass, and newly broken record of 31.6 yards-per-completion, also drew number comparisons because Tebow's favorite Bible verse is John 3:16. The verse was also a trending topic and the internet was bursting once again with miracle references. Demaryius Thomas' birthday also happens to be on Christmas, pushing the the religous commentary even further.

The buzz that began Sunday night last well into Monday, with people expressing excitement, Tweeting pictures of them Tebowing, and some expressing dismay over the Pittsburgh Steelers' loss (see Storify below).

The football victory did not come close to theTweets per second record of all time, however. Buzz around the Japanese anime film Castle in the Sky brought in 25,088 Tweets per second, according to Mashable.