As the Denver Broncos were about to lose to the Oakland Raiders at home on Monday night, there were fans chanting for Kyle Orton to be replaced by second-year quarterback Tim Tebow.

It's well after Monday, and the chants are getting louder heading into Week Two.

At the moment, Tebow isn't even the second-string quarterback, as Brady Quinn is currently Orton's back-up. But many fans see the potential in Tebow, and may consider this season as a rebuilding year, and would like to see what the former Florida Gator can do for a several games.

The encouragement from the Denver fans is not lost on Tebow.

Well, I guess I appreciate the support, you know, but we got people in charge here that we trust and (I) trust they're going to do the right thing, Tebow said. 

A group of Tebow supporters are taking their interest in the young quarterback further.  ESPN reported that a group are looking to buy two billboards in downtown Denver to persuade head coach John Fox to bench Orton for Tebow.

Broncos fans may want to consider more carefully what they wish for. Last season, Tebow only completed half of his 82 passes, and had three interceptions. His quarterback rating was 82.1.

Also, some slack may need to be cut for Orton. Last Monday's Broncos - Raiders game was played in the rain, and players sometimes appeared to have trouble holding onto the ball. Raiders' quarterback Jason Cambell threw for just 105 yards.

Orton put up respectable passing numbers against Oakland. The 28-year-old completed 24 of 46 passes for 304 yards, with one touchdown and one interception. However, he also coughed up the ball in the fourth quarter, and the fumble led to a Raiders touchdown.

Tebow will certainly figure into Fox's plans later in the season should both Orton and Quinn falter. However, it may be difficult for the college star to shine as scouts point out that he still has mechanical flaws with his throws, and reportedly was never considered for the starting job out of preseason.

On Sunday, the Broncos are expected to face rookie quarterback Andy Dalton when they host the Cincinnati Bengals.