Tim Tebow has been traded to the New York Jets.

Linsanity...meet Timsanity.

Now, the Jets can at least take back some of the back page headlines that New York's other-and arguably better-football team, the Giants, have amassed thanks to their Super Bowl win. They can regain some of the camaraderie they lost during last season when the locker room was in utter disarray.

But in the critique-centric Big Apple, would any of that matter in spite of Tebow?

Probably more important would be how well Tebow performs. He'll most likely be Mark Sanchez's backup quarterback, only being installed into the offense's Wildcat formation. That means limited snaps, and, as a result, a bigger microscope to play under.

With that said, Tebow may not be able to surpass the season he had last year, the very same year he was a starter of 11 games for the Denver Broncos.

That begs the question: Did the Jets make a good move here?

The debate already started just minutes after the trade was executed. Here's what several fans had to say about the trade, plus some general reaction, on Twitter:

As religious as Tim Tebow is, he'll quickly learn that no matter what he does, there is still one god in NYC: Derek Sanderson Jeter.

Tim Tebow will now be one vertical mile farther away from God.

I can't wait for the first photo of a fist bump between Jeremy Lin and Tim Tebow.

Tim Tebow traded to the New York Jets, are you kidding me?

 the jets got a quarterback who can't throw. and they also got tim tebow

 Plane lands and I turn my phone to find out Tim Tebow is a Jet.... I would have been better off with the plane crashing.

I bet they will boo Tim Tebow if he shows up at MSG for the Knicks game. LOL

Tebow coming to the Jets was the best thing that coulda happened to him #PerfectFit #BookIt

Sanchez and Tebow on the same team? Haven't been this excited since buy one get one free day at the Disappointment Store.

The Jets are the perfect fit for Tebow. They clearly don't expect much from QBs, considering Sanchez's new contract.

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