Both next-gen consoles Xbox One and PS4 launched last November, and it’s resulted in an all-out brawl between Microsoft and Sony fans. Though sales figures show Sony is currently in the lead, one insider claims the March 11 release date of “Titanfall” has already helped move 1 million Xbox Ones from store shelves.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 launched on Nov. 15 – one week before Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox One hit shelves in 13 countries on Nov. 22. Though both systems sold 1 million units within 24 hours of their release dates, Sony’s PS4 is currently leading in sales, with more than 6 million systems sold by March 2. Microsoft’s most recent sales figures showed the Xbox One sold 3 million units by the end of 2013.

Still, Microsoft is hopeful “Titanfall” will be a console seller. "We're making a big bet that 'Titanfall' is going to be a blockbuster launch for Xbox," Yusuf Mehdi, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer for Microsoft, told Reuters on March 11. "We don't have a sales forecast for the game to share, but we expect it to be big for us.”

On March 9, NeoGAF user famousmortimer, also known as Pete Dodd, an industry insider the site claims has a reliable track record, claimed “Titanfall” has already led to 1 million Xbox One consoles being sold in the past few weeks.

“Microsoft has a very real image problem right now. And if ‘Titanfall’ doesn't help correct that there isn't any reason to think anything will this year,” Dodd said. “Marketing guys project that ‘Titanfall’ has already helped sell around 1 million Xbox Ones. This is based off of things like upticks in sales after every major ‘titanfall’ announcements. They don't know if it will move 200k more at this point. The ‘titanfall’ bundle is selling less than Microsoft projected (but they are still hopeful for a big swing come tuesday). If ‘titanfall’ doesn't turn around the sales... and the image problem - what will? Direct X 12 unlocking the magic secret gpu when it releases in 1.5 years? Even if that bullshit is real the system would be buried by then.”

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