Look out, “Titanfall” cheaters. Respawn is in the process of developing anti-cheat measurements for first-person shooter “Titanfall,” but has yet to launch them. This was verified by software engineer Jon Shiring on Twitter.

“We have anti-cheat but it is not enabled yet -- it will be soon. This is important to us,” the Sherman Oaks, Calif-based programmer posted on Twitter on March 15.




Though Respawn hasn’t yet aggressively hunted down players attempting to hack the game, Shiring assured fans the Los Angeles, Calif.-based company was aware of shady events happening during gameplay. “Whoah. Whoah. We ARE catching them. We are not yet ENFORCING it,” he added on March 16.

On March 13, Respawn confirmed it was tracking cheaters playing on the Xbox One and PC and would take action swiftly.

"Finding cheaters in Titanfall? So are we. We're logging them now and they will be rooted out shortly," Respawn tweeted on March 12.

“Titanfall,” which required a development team of 65 people and nearly three years of production, launched a beta in mid-February that closed Feb. 19. The beta drew in more than 2 million players and reviews were largely positive. It’s no surprise Microsoft hoped the title would increase Xbox One sales, since there’s been so much hype surrounding the game’s launch. “Titanfall” will launch on the Xbox 360 in April.

"We're making a big bet that 'Titanfall' is going to be a blockbuster launch for Xbox," Yusuf Mehdi, chief marketing and strategy officer for Microsoft, told Reuters on March 11. "We don't have a sales forecast for the game to share, but we expect it to be big for us.”

During the Stifel Technology, Internet & Media Conference in San Francisco on Feb. 11, EA Chief Financial Officer Blake Jorgensen said he sees “Titanfall” as having long-term potential. “As you can imagine, this will be a franchise that’s around for a long, long time. I think people will be very excited,” he said.

Prior to its launch on March 11, one insider claimed “Titanfall” had already helped move 1 million Xbox Ones from store shelves. On March 9, NeoGAF user famousmortimer, also known as Pete Dodd, an industry insider the site claims has a reliable track record, claimed “Titanfall” had already led to 1 million Xbox One consoles being sold in the past few weeks.