New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s latest commercial would make Denver Broncos QB and longtime rival Peyton Manning proud. Brady donned an absurd brown wig to portray Gary the telemarketer in a new spot for DailyMVP, a daily fantasy sports service.

“Telemarketing’s a cool job, but sometimes I wish it was even more exciting," Brady says in the commercial, entitled “Have an MVP Day.” "Luckily there’s DailyMVP, the super-awesome way to play fantasy sports every day. Just build your team, challenge your buddies and boom shakalaka.” 

Brady’s commercial represents a major departure in both brand and tone compared with the three-time Super Bowl champion’s usual endorsements. Typically, Brady uses his good looks and charm to pitch luxury brands with niche audiences. Multiple appearances in advertising campaigns for Uggs, Movado watches and Glaceau Smartwater mesh with the celebrity lifestyle Brady and supermodel wife Gisele Bundchen have cultivated off the gridiron.

Meanwhile, Manning, who is regularly compared to Brady in terms of football accomplishments, has firmly established himself as one of the world’s top endorsers of “everyman” products. The self-deprecating, jovial manner Brady adopted in the DailyMVP commercial is the same shtick that Manning has employed in campaigns for Papa John’s pizza, DirecTV, Buick and Nationwide insurance -- all of which crafted their message to appeal to the average American.  

“Peyton Manning seems be like a guy you want to grab a beer with at a sports bar and talk football all day. He seems like an approachable guy,” sports branding expert Tom O’Grady of Gameplan Creative told International Business Times in October. “[Brady] has a little more of a ‘Hollywood’ persona, even though he’s playing in New England. If L.A. ever got a team, he’d be a great Los Angeles quarterback.”

Brady’s change of style could be motivated by dollars and cents. Manning rode his easygoing demeanor to $12 million in endorsement revenue last year, compared with around $7 million for Brady, according to Forbes. By varying his message and adjusting the way he’s perceived by the public, Brady could set himself up for new mainstream ads.

Both Brady and Bundchen are signed to Under Armour, now considered a legitimate contender alongside Nike and Adidas for world’s top sports apparel brand. Given the company's popular status and Brady’s well-received turn for DailyMVP, future Under Armour efforts could help the NFL MVP achieve Manning-like advertising ubiquity.