Actor Tom Sizemore's personal woes with drug addiction have kept the media busy, and now they'll be available in book form in his own words.

The untitled book will be published by Atria Books, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, and co-authored by Anna David, executive editor of the addiction and recovery Web site

David described Sizemore as shockingly funny to The Hollywood Reporter. She also revealed some tidbits about the edgy, tough-looking actor.

He's a total softie who cries openly, he reads constantly and can quote books I'm too intimidated to even consider reading, David told THR in a statement.

Sizemore, 50, has been in some big movies, including war films such as Black Hawk Down, Pearl Harbor, and Saving Private Ryan.  His impressive resume has a couple of scratches thanks to a sex tape and stints on Celebrity Rehab, but he's been busy lately with different movie projects.

I should have been dead many times over and honestly, I didn't know that I was going to come back from the bottom I dropped to, the actor said in a statement. 

Co-authors are rarely given the spotlight when helping a famous person put their thoughts together in a readable format, but David -- an expert on topics such as addiction, recovery, and sexuality with extensive experience in the realm of celebrity journalism -- seems like a good fit for the job. Her fiction work includes the novels Party Girl and Bought, both of which feature female journalist protagonists who get caught up in the dangers of the Hollywood fast-life.

She described Sizemore as a stand-up guy.

He fought with his manager to make sure I got paid more than we'd agreed to after the deal was signed because he liked the proposal so much, she told THR.

Still, she remains quite aware of the actor's past.

All that being said, I know he's no saint: I'm all too familiar with the trouble he's gotten into and I've seen him lose his temper, she said. I just think he's incredibly misunderstood.