Tonee Walker, the 22-year-old Buxom Bandit who held up a gas station in Australia, has turned herself in to police.

Walker gained the Buxom Bandit nickname by taking down the gas station while wearing a low-cut top and showing off her larger-than-life breasts.

The store clerk fought Walker off by throwing items at her from behind the counter, and the bandit was able to make it out of the store.

According to the New York Post, Walker was already on probation for drug-related offenses and had allegedly threatened to stab the store clerk.

Fortunately for authorities, the whole incident was caught on a surveillance tape. The video, which went viral on the Internet, brought much ridicule upon Walker because of her shoddy tactics, but mainly because she failed to cover up her face.

The Daily Mail went on to report that Walker also wore only one glove on her right hand -- the hand she held the knife with -- meaning that the fingerprints from her left hand -- the hand being used to do everything else -- were left all over the gas station.

She's aware of all the notoriety she's received -- it wasn't something she set out to achieve, said Walker's lawyer. It's been devastating for the family. It just seems out of character.

In an ironic twist to the story, Walker was actually in court yesterday answering a separate shoplifting charge, and she was not identified as the buxom bandit at that time.

Walker was on the run for five days before turning herself in. She was refused bail, according to the Post.