Top 10 Most Wired Countries

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  • Monaco
    Monaco is the richest country in the world and they also live the longest. Must be the fact nearly every person in the country is wired. In a population of nearly 30,000, 97.6 % are plugged-in. Monaco is a city state on the French Riviera Reuters
  • Icelandic Volcanoes
    When not being shaken to pieces because of huge volcano eruptions, many Icelanders could be found asking the question, 'Can I haz more 4G?' Seriously, Icelanders are the second most plugged-in society in the world and they come very close to number one. 97% of them are on the Internet among a much larger population (compared to Monaco) of about 300,000 Internet users. Reuters
  • Norway
    With about 4.5 million Internet users, Norway has a rate of 94.4%. Norway is the Scandinavian country furthest to the West of the Finland, Norway, Sweden trifecta most people can't ever remember. Reuters
  • Sweden
    Home of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, Sweden has the same percentage as the Falklands, 92.4%. Obviously, the population is higher, and they have about 8.4 million users online. Reuters
  • Netherlands
    Well known for their highly tolerant and social citizenry, it should be no surprise this small European nation is on the list. They have almost 15 million Internet users there, and that equals 88.3% of the population. Reuters
  • Finland
    Finland winds up the list with 85.2% of the population online. That's about 4.5 million people huddled around their laptops for light. (It's very dark there in the winter) Reuters
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South Korea is well known to have a nearly completely plugged-in society, but are they the most connected country in the world? As a percentage of the population, they are actually 15th. Every year, a Web site called Internet World Stats compiles the numbers of users across the globe and breaks them out into region, country and other demographics. The information in this slideshow is from March of 2011, so that means they are getting ready to do another round of surveys.

Almost two billion people use the Internet, and that works out to about 30% of the world's population. Compared to the year 2000, it's about five times as many people. China and the U.S. have the most numbers of Internet users, but as a percentage of their populations, they rank 107th and 24th respectively. In general, the countries on top of the list are clustered together, and the ones on the bottom do the same. Scandanavian countries are generally super-connected and some African nations like Somalia and Liberia are near the bottom. Start the slideshow to see the top 10 most wired countries. Tell us in the comments if you are perpetually wired or if you've made a New Year's resolution to cut back.

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