Another season of VH1’s “Basketball Wives: LA” has come to an end, but some of the Season 5 cast’s craziest and most shocking moments can be played over and over again online. From the time Jackie Christie tackled a woman trying to get out of Angel Brinks’ dress, to Malaysia Pargo showing how a true friend defends her bestie, relive the top four OMG “Basketball Wives: LA” moments below:

Tami Roman And DJ Duffey’s Scary Brawl

Jackie tried to bring the girls together for a nice trip to Portugal, but all hell broke loose when new cast member DJ Duffey and veteran Tami Roman almost got into a physical fight. For a majority of the season, Tami and Duffey were at each other’s throats over comments Duffey made about Tami’s daughter Jazz and her music career.

Tami couldn’t let Duffey’s slick comments slide, and pretty much made it a mission to get revenge. Well, that day came when all the girls decided to grab a bite to eat together in Portugal. The lunch started off cordial — and slightly awkward — but things quickly went downhill when Duffey started calling Tami a liar. Tami tried to diffuse the situation by walking away, but turned around and came back to the table making a beeline for Duffey. Several of the cast members, and security guards, had to hold Tami back to keep her from attacking Duffey. You can watch the crazy fight in the video above.

Tami Challenges Duffey To A Boxing Match

During the Season 5 reunion, Tami and Duffey managed to keep from fighting each other but Tami made it clear she still doesn’t like Duffey and wants another shot at beating her up. So what does Tami do? She suggests she and Duffey square up in the ring for a charity boxing match. Dufffey was onboard with it, but Tami tweeted Monday that she’s still waiting for Duffey to confirm the match.

Jackie Throws A Fit At Angel Brinks’ Party

All Angel Brinks wanted to do was celebrate the anniversary of her clothing line, but the bash was almost ruined when Jackie had a full-blown meltdown. It seems Jackie’s frustrations stemmed from the dress Brinks made her not fitting properly. Her aggravation only worsened after Brinks’ BFF and new “Basketball Wives: LA” cast member Angel Love apparently said something that annoyed Jackie. Not only did Jackie try and fight Love, but she also tackled a woman as she was trying to run away from everyone.

Malaysia Comes To Brandi Maxiell’s Defense

One thing you don’t do to Malaysia Pargo is try to gang up on her best friend. At one point in the season, Malaysia proved she’ll always have Brandi Maxiell’s back by showing up unannounced to Angel Brinks’ event ready to fight. When Malaysia heard that Angel Love was supposedly sticking her nose in Brandi’s business, Malaysia threw on some sweatpants, a hoodie and sneakers and popped up at the event ready to hand out a whooping. Thankfully, Love had left by the time Malaysia arrived.