Whether you are a professional soccer player or just an avid fan of the sport there is just something about the game that stirs emotions inside people.

Whether watching the game live or relaxing on couch both fans and the players go through the different emotions that can range from complete exhilaration if the team you are cheering on wins, or it can be utter disappointment - even rage - if your favorite team misses a penalty shot that ended up costing the players a really big match.

For this article we will take a look back at some of the biggest moments of temper tantrums from soccer players.

Zidane Head Butt - FIFA World Cup 2006 Final

Wayne Rooney Gets a Red Card Against Portugal

Newcastle players Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer Fights and Get Red Cards

Ruud Van Nistelroy Incident During a Manchester United versus Arsenal Match

The Infamous Battle Between Chile and Italy in World Cup 1962