The days of throwing around your money in order to enjoy a nice vacation are over - for now at least. When it comes to finding deals on the best spots for affordable luxury, consumers have become extremely knowledgeable. In fact, our weaker-than-usual economy and wildly fluctuating exchange rates have forced us to look outside of the country to destinations where being treated like a king doesn't mean spending insane amounts of money.

In places like Thailand, India, and Guatemala where the dollar is still strong, affordable luxury is easy to find. It's a concept that's become second nature to even the wealthiest American travelers. With recent currency gains, prices on hotels, spas and other travel packages on the international front were brought down by significant amounts.

We've located some of the best places on the planet for you to be treated like royalty, without having having to spend like it. Press Start to check out five top spots for affordable luxury.