Samsung's Galaxy S2 Skyrocket debuted Nov. 6 and it's iPhone 4S' biggest challenger yet, at least until Samsung releases the highly anticipated Galaxy Nexus later this month. Samsung has used the Galaxy line of deluxe smartphones to chip away at Apple's dominance to the point where Samsung is now the world's leading smartphone maker.

Since Apple introduced the iPhone in 2007, its touchscreen display and ease of use has been the target of every other high-end smartphone maker in the world. It took five years, but Samsung may have finally caught up to them. Not to mention the Samsung and Google team that developed the as-yet released Galaxy Nexus, Samsung has nevertheless put out the newest version of its top selling Galaxy S2, the Galaxy S2 Skyrocket. It's got a bigger screen than the iPhone 4S and a faster chip to run all those apps on.

Furthermore, iPhone 4S is reeling a bit because of recent controversies over its battery life and brief brownout of Siri, the voice-controlled personal assistant. Apple products are known to have decent battery life, so the iPhone 4S' rapid battery drainage has been a mystery.

Start the slideshow to see the top five reasons Galaxy S2 Skyrocket can rise above iPhone 4S.

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