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Twitter Integrated Apple

Apple prides itself on making its mobile devices easy to use and intuitive to operate. Their newest mobile software update, iOS 5, has several new features that are meant to simplify the interface, but also make it more powerful and productive. It's a good idea to make your products easy to use, especially if you market them as fun toys. Microsoft may or may not be copying this notion with its Windows Phone system, but they have taken the simplicity route as well. In fact, the homescreen on a Windows Phone device will look quite different from other mobile OSes because of it. (A note: Windows Phone is only used on smartphones where the iOS system is used on tablets as well)

Instead of the app icons that are so recognizable on all types of mobile systems, the Microsoft system simply displays a grid of different shaped and colored tiles. They are even called Live Tiles, and they can be customized to include emails, texts, social media sites, photos and whatever items you want to be able to access super fast. These dynamic tiles will update automatically so you don't even have to launch an app to get to the content.

The iOS system has the more familiar apps icons on the homescreen, but the new update does try to do a similar kind of app integration with some of the other functions of your mobile device. The Notifications used to more intrusive than they are now so it's easier to keep track what you want while you are doing something else. Furthermore, Twitter is integrated into the Safari browser, Photos, Camera, YouTube and Maps apps so you can tweet from the app. Once you assign a Twitter account under Settings, your social networking is made that much easier.

To answer which mobile system is easier depends on if you are familiar with things like Outlook or Internet Explorer for the Windows Phone system or if you are upgrading from a feature phone to a smartphone, for instance. It comes down to preference, and if you are really on the fence here, go down to your local tech gizmo store and try out the devices to see if you like them. Let us know in the comments if you feel one system is super easy or overly complicated.