• Majors Daily Forecast 3 September 2012

    EUR/USD Buy at 1.2564 SL 1.2532 TP 1.2641 USD/JPY Buy at 78.22 SL 77.90 TP 78.94 GBP/USD Buy at 1.5854 SL 1.5822 TP 1.5942 USD/CHF Sell at 0.9557 SL 0.9589 TP 0.9473 today so far +35, total on Friday +170 pips
  • EUR/USD Stimulated Last Friday

    On Friday Euro/Dollar increased significantly ahead of Jackson Hole meeting, with 145 pips. The European currency depreciated from 1.2493 to 1.2638 on Friday, matching the positive money flow sentiment at over 24%, closing the week at 1.2574. This morning the Euro is trading quietly, with movements at the upper end of Friday's range for now. On the 1 hour chart the upward channel is making renewal attempts, while on the 3 hour chart wide range trading has formed. Break above the nearest re...
  • Miss World 2012: How Miss China, Host City Ordos Court Controversy With Fame; Top 4 Miss World Controversies

    Ever since Miss China Wenxia Yu was crowned Miss World Aug.18, she has come under flak for jury favoritism. Even the host city Ordos is not spared as reports of economic woes and subtle attempts to refurbish its image surface amid its ongoing attempts to win international recognition.
  • London Session: Bernanke with a bit of ECB risk thrown in

    As if to remind us that Bernanke is not the only show on the road in the next few weeks Eurozone officials have been out in force today to remind us that the ECB meeting next Thursday is also going to be a major driver of markets in the medium term. The headline risk from the currency bloc kicked off this morning with two press reports: 1, the head of the Bundesbank has reportedly threatened to resign in recent weeks on the back of negotiations for ECB policy action to try and stem the debt cris...
  • Financial Markets Eased ahead of Bernanke's Speech

    Financial markets eased a tad despite more good news from the US data. Investors do not prefer to see improvement in economic dataflow recently as this might suggest delay in Fed's monetary easing actions. In the Eurozone, sentiment was weighed down as Spanish Prime Minister Rajoy said the country would delay seeking a bailout until conditions of any rescue package are confirmed. The conditions, according to French President Hollande, would be finalized at the October 19 European summit. Wall...
  • Majors Daily Forecast 31 August 2012

    EUR/USD Sell at 1.2520 SL 1.2552 TP 1.2443 USD/JPY Sell at 78.53 SL 78.85 TP 77.81 GBP/USD Sell at 1.5796 SL 1.5828 TP 1.5708 USD/CHF Buy at 0.9591 SL 0.9559 TP 0.9675 today so far +50, total yesterday +28 pips
  • EUR/USD Bends Ahead Of Jackson Hole

    On Thursday Euro/Dollar continued decreasing with almost 80 pips. The European currency depreciated from 1.2564 to 1.2486 yesterday, matching the negative money flow sentiment at under -12%, closing the day at 1.2504. This morning the Euro is trading quietly, with movements at the lower half of yesterday's range for now. On the 1 hour chart the upward channel is on hold, while on the 3 hour chart wide range trading has formed. Break above the nearest resistance and yesterday's top at 1....
  • Gold, Silver and Crude Oil Trading Update

    Gold futures prices finished pit trade lower Thursday, on consolidation action. The Key outside markets were in a Bearish mode for the precious metals, as the USD index was firmer and Crude Oil prices were lower. The overall market is quiet as traders and investors await a speech by US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke Friday morning. Dec Gold last traded off 4.50 at 1,658.50 oz.
  • Cracks widening as Isaac slowly moves north

    As the first major hurricane of the season to make landfall in the heart of the oil and Nat Gas industry starts to slowly move out of the area the spot price of WTI is down by about $0.80/bbl on the week while spot Nat Gas is lower by $0.072/mmbtu as of this writing. Only refined products got a boost from the storm so far with RBOB up by $0.0363/gal and HO higher by $0.0234/gal. In spite of a significant amount of crude oil and Nat Gas production shut in on a preemptive basis the market has not ...
  • Morning Gold Market Report 8/30

    GOLD MARKET FUNDAMENTALS: (6:00 AM CST) December gold prices have started out in the lower quarter of the prior session's range off what seems to be an extension of global slowing fears. Signs of slowing from Germany, weak Euro zone Consumer Confidence readings and extremely low trading volume in key global equity markets this week suggests a risk-off environment has generally remained in place.
  • Majors Daily Forecast 30 August 2012

    EUR/USD Sell at 1.2558 SL 1.2590 TP 1.2508 USD/JPY Sell at 78.67 SL 78.99 TP 78.22 GBP/USD Sell at 1.5840 SL 1.5872 TP 1.5785 USD/CHF Buy at 0.9563 SL 0.9531 TP 0.9613 today so far +20, total yesterday +54 pips
  • EUR/USD Adjusts After Tuesday's Climb

    On Wednesday Euro/Dollar traded within 55 pip range. The European currency depreciated from 1.2574 to 1.2518 yesterday, not matching the positive money flow sentiment at around 15%, closing the day at 1.2528. This morning the Euro is trading quietly, with movements at the lower end of yesterday's range for now. On the 1 hour chart the upward channel is on hold, while on the 3 hour chart wide range trading has formed. Break above the nearest resistance and yesterday's top at 1.2574 may t...
  • Dad Who Wears Skirts For Son Recalls 'Scuba Steve' Dad Earlier This Year

    Nils Pickert is a German dad that wears skirts for his son's comfort. The boy likes to wear dresses and skirts at home but was afraid of being bullied if wearing them to school.
  • Palm Oil, Soy, Wheat, Corn Summary

    Malaysian Crude Palm Oil futures slipped to the lowest in nearly a fortnight, as traders booked profits with market focus shifting to rising stocks level in the world's 2nd largest producer. Grain powerhouse Argentina will produce a near-record soy crop in the coming season, helping to fill supply gaps left by a US drought that has sparked fear of a world food crisis by pushing prices to new highs, a local farm chamber said.
  • Samsung Appeal On Apple Verdict? Not ‘Til Dec. 6, Judge Rules

    Samsung Electronics (Seoul: 005930) may have lost a $1.05 billion judgment to Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL), the world's most valuable technology company, but it’s won a temporary reprieve from the judge on product bans and other retaliatory measures.
  • Edinson Cavani

    Chelsea Transfer News: Cavani, Hulk, Tiote and Schurrle Involved in Latest Speculation

    Chelsea look intent on signing a forward before the close of the transfer window.
  • Hitler Protected Jewish Vet

    Indian Jews Outraged By Clothing Store Named ‘Hitler’

    Critics complain that Shah is simply exploiting the name of Hitler because he remains a popular figure among many Indians.
  • Thanks To Developing Nations, America Is King Of The International Arms Market

    A surge in orders for weapons, most of which from developing nations, has turned into a boon for U.S. companies -- and they have the Saudis to thank more than anybody else.
  • Euro Struggles As ECB Presents Systemic Risk, Sterling Bucks Trend

    The Euro slipped to an overnight low of 1.2531 as policy makers in Germany warned that the European Central Bank may become a systemic risk to the financial system, and the ECB may come under increased scrutiny as it looks to expand its balance sheet further. In response, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti argued that blocking the ECB's asset purchase program may 'backfire' amid the heightening threat for contagion, while central bank President Mario Draghi pledged to 'act within the...
  • London Session: Germany’s blank cheque for the Eurozone rescue fund?

    There has been little to move the markets in any meaningful direction this morning apart from two German press articles that caused a bit of movement. The first was an article written by ECB President Draghi who urged the domestic readership to support the euro rescue plan. The second was an article in the highly respected Handesblatt, which suggested that the long-term Eurozone rescue fund already has a de-facto banking licence and does not need agreement from the German Constitutional Court. W...