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    Euro Leads, A$ Lags, but Confusion Reigns Supreme

    True to form, markets continued to interpret a largely inconsistent set of directives overnight, with mixed macroeconomic feedback from both sides of the Atlantic providing little in the way of clarity.
  • Asian Shares Retreat On Dim Outlook For Growth, Fed Stimulus

    Asian shares retreated from a two-week high Friday on scaled back expectations of more stimulus from the U.S. Federal Reserve and growth concerns after manufacturing surveys from the euro zone and China depicted a bleak outlook.
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    VIDEO Barcelona 3-2 Real Madrid: Highlights from a Spectacular Supercopa First-Leg at Camp Nou

    Watch highlights and read a full account of Barcelona against Real Madrid from the first leg of the Spanish Super Cup at Camp Nou.
  • China's Local Governments Readying A Stimulus Package Bigger Than Most Economies

    Local governments in China are getting ready for major stimulus spending worth as much as 1.1 trillion dollars, despite warnings about the possibly detrimental effects.
  • Divergence between Stocks and Commodities Signaled Investors' Preference

    Commodities remained firm before US market opens. Earlier in the day, European PMI sent some mixed messages to the market. The Eurozone manufacturing PMI climbed +1.3 points to 45.3 in August, compared with market expectations of 44.2. The services PMI, however, fell to 47.5 from 47.9 in July. In Germany, the manufacturing PMI recovered to 42.1 in August from 43. However, the services PMI slipped to the contractionary territory to 48.3 in August.
  • Is Germany Entering a Recession?

    The western world's post-2007 economic horror show has already been lumped into the simplified moniker "Great Recession". In fact, the last five years have seen a series of distinct economic cycles that started with the precipitous global contraction induced by Lehman Brothers' failure.
  • US Confidence Falls

    More Than 70% of Consumers Think the Economy Is in "Bad" or "Terrible" Shape and Nearly 1 in 4 Feel It Will Be Difficult to Purchase Things They Need Over the Next Several Months. Only 3% think the economy is in "good shape," as reported by a survey conducted by RetailMeNot and Ipsos Public Affairs
  • Brent climbs above $116 on Fed hopes, shrugs off China data

    Brent crude rose more than a dollar on Thursday, breaching $116 per barrel on renewed hopes for another round of monetary stimulus by the U.S. Federal Reserve, helping investors look past weak manufacturing data from China.
  • How Paul Volcker created a Gold Standard without Gold

    On 14 August 1979, a week after he took office as chairman of the Federal Reserve, Paul Volcker led his 1st meeting of the Federal Open Market Committee (FMOC). "Economic policy," he said, "has a kind of crisis of credibility." As a result, "dramatic action" to combat inflation would not receive public support "without more of a crisis atmosphere."
  • Majors Daily Forecast 23 August 2012

    EUR/USD Buy at 1.2530 SL 1.2498 TP 1.2607 USD/JPY Sell at 78.57 SL 78.89 TP 77.85 GBP/USD Buy at 1.5882 SL 1.5850 TP 1.5970 USD/CHF Sell at 0.9585 SL 0.9617 TP 0.9501 today so far +50, total yesterday +68 pips
  • EUR/USD Lifts On Fed Minutes

    On Wednesday Euro/Dollar increased with almost 115 pips on FED minutes. The European currency appreciated from 1.2429 to 1.2543 yesterday, matching the positive money flow sentiment at nearly 26%, closing the day at 1.2525. This morning the Euro ascended slightly further, reashing 1.2553. On the 1 hour chart the wide and small angle upward channel has renewed, while on the 3 hour chart wide range trading has formed. Break above the nearest resistance and today's top at 1.2553 may trigger f...
  • Mistrust Fuels Continued Gold Demand

    In the face of growing fears of a renewed global plunge into economic depression and a climate of low apparent price inflation, investors might expect commodities and precious metals to be falling in price. Instead, gold continues to hover around a relatively high $1,640 an ounce and silver at $29. At the same time, central banks - including those of the ever more important China, Russia and India - continue aggressively to buy gold.
  • Job Cuts in Germany

    German newspaper Boersen-Zeitung reports that industrial giant Siemens AG (NYSE:SI) may cut thousands of jobs in the fall. The action is described as "explosive," at least as far as a rough translation says.
  • Brent hovers near $115 on euro zone hopes, Mideast support

    Brent crude steadied near $115 a barrel on Wednesday, supported by hopes that European policymakers will act to resolve the region's debt crisis and by Middle East tensions that kept supply disruption concerns intact.
  • Lockhart Warns of Excessive Easing, Taming Market Sentiment

    As macroeconomic data was light on Tuesday, investors continued to focus on speculations of monetary easing measures by central banks. Shares gained in European session and early US session as Spanish bond auctions were well received and a member of Germany's Christian Democratic Union (CDU) said that the government is willing to give concessions to Greece if it complies with key targets. Wall Street climbed higher in the morning session but gains were erased as Atlanta Fed's Lockhart worr...
  • Majors Daily Forecast 22 August 2012

    EUR/USD Buy at 1.2449 SL 1.2417 TP 1.2526 USD/JPY Buy at 79.21 SL 78.89 TP 79.93 GBP/USD Buy at 1.5770 SL 1.5738 TP 1.5858 USD/CHF Sell at 0.9646 SL 0.9678 TP 0.9562 today so far +63, total yesterday +102 pips
  • EUR/USD At 7 Week High On ECB Action Hopes

    On Tuesday Euro/Dollar increased with 140 pips on ECB speculation. The European currency appreciated from 1.2345 to 1.2487 yesterday, matching the positive money flow sentiment at over 28%, closing the day at 1.2470. This morning the Euro is trading quietly, with movements at the upper end of yesterday's range for now. On the 1 hour chart the wide and small angle upward channel has renewed, while on the 3 hour chart range trading is forming. Break above the nearest resistance and yesterday...
  • Asian Shares Drop, But Euro Holds On ECB Hopes

    Asian shares fell Wednesday morning after recent rally, but the euro held near a seven-week high on hopes the European Central Bank will act to rein in surging euro zone borrowing costs and policymakers will find ways to keep Greece on lifelines.
  • The BB Cream Fad: Why Beauty Balms Are A Worthy Addition To Your Makeup Bag

    Beauty Balms, or BB Creams as they are frequently, have reached a height in popularity as a all-in-one primer, SPF, moisturizer and tone evener. But is this "wonder cream" another advertising trick a la Don Draper to tantalize a woman's desire for beauty in something as easy applied as a balm? Turns out, Beauty Balm is far from just another tinted moisturizer.
  • Fundamental Update: Markets power ahead

    The summer rally shows no signs of fading and made some big headway today after multiple asset classes made some important gains. Even more interesting is that this happened even though Atlanta Fed President Denis Lockhart, a rotating voter at the Federal Reserve and noted dove, stubbed out the chances of more QE from the FOMC when he said that policy makers face the risk of excessive easing. Lockhart passed the baton to stimulating the US's "disappointing" recovery (his words) to the ...