Happy Yorkshire Day, everyone, as it's been declared by Welcome to Yorkshire. The tourist website has chosen Aug. 1 to celebrate Yorkshire, the United Kingdom's largest county, for the last 37 years, according to The Star.

"We at Welcome to Yorkshire secretly think that Yorkshire Day should be celebrated 365 days a year. However we'll just have to settle for 1st August and make it an extra special day! Celebrate all things Yorkshire this Wednesday when the UK's largest county comes together to indulge in vast quantities of regional pride," the site proclaims.

Yorkshire Day was created in 1975 by the Yorkshire Ridings Society to preserve Yorkshire's identity when the government in London wanted to split it up into different areas. Each year the Yorkshire Ridings Society reads the Declarations of Integrity in Modern and Old English as a tribute to the 1,137 years the county has existed, The Star said.

But why Aug. 1 to celebrate Yorkshire? The site said it was picked because on Aug. 1, 1759, the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry helped defeat the French in the Battle of Minden in Germany during the Seven Year's War

Though most people in the United Kingdom might be more interested in watching the London Olympics this year, Welcome to Yorkshire listed several different ways to celebrate Yorkshire Day like going to the Wentbridge House, playing flat cap Frisbee golf or riding on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

Free tours were given at the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry Museum, The Star said.

A bunch of Twitter users gave a shout out to their favorite county.

@stevo_mike tweeted, "Happy yorkshire day everyone. The greatest county in England #yorkshireyorkshireyorkshire"

@unibirmingham said, "Happy #YorkshireDay to all our friends from 'up North'! :-)"

@Sharmani posted, "Olympic cauldron was made in Yorkshire. Happy Yorkshire day all as it draws to a champion end!"

@DaveWoodsSport joked, "Happy Yorkshire Day." Is that not an oxymoron?"