The massive tornadoes that struck Texas Tuesday cut a path of destruction around the metropolitan areas of Dallas and Fort Worth.

The tornadoes pummeled towns in the affected regions and flattened entire blocks of houses. Piles of debris were seen splattered for miles and several vehicles were smashed and overturned by the violent winds.

There were also reports of downed power lines and of trees being uprooted by the intense storm. So far, there have been no reports of death or injuries.

Television networks captured some of the horrific moments of the tornadoes which included footage of several trailers and debris swirling through the air before being tossed violently to the ground.

Though severe weather was previously predicted for a large portion of Texas, residents weren't prepared for the incoming tornados.

Tornadoes generally form rapidly and with little or no advance warning.

A tornado emergency warning has been issued in the northern part of the state.  

Here's a look at the damage and destruction caused by the tornadoes Tuesday afternoon.