At Rezzed 2013, an event that focuses on PC and indie games, gameplay video of the upcoming "Total War: Rome 2" from Sega and Creative Assembly was shown.

One of the features in "Total War: Rome 2" that's described in the video is the Province system, which helps the player manage the territories found within his or her empire. Players can issue "edicts" across entire provinces, one of which includes festivities. Issuing the "festivities" edict across a province mandates that it entertain its citizens so that their happiness increases, which decreases the chance of them rebelling against you.

Pre-orders are now being accepted for "Total War: Rome 2," and they come with multiple bonuses. Read about them here. "Total War: Rome 2" will be released on September 3.

Watch the full 48-minute long video below, courtesy of Youtube.

What do you think of the "Total War: Rome 2" gameplay shown in the video above? What do you think of "Total War: Rome 2?" Will you be getting "Total War: Rome 2?" Why or why not? Sound off in the comments below.