Rioters protested and attacked the Tottenham area in north London Saturday night demanding "justice" for 29-year old Mark Duggan who was killed on Thursday during a fatal police shooting.

Over 200 people gathered near the Tottenham police station with makeshift missiles, burning police cars and official documents. They even pelted stones, bricks, eggs and bottles at police officers.

Attempting to placate the escalating violence, MP David Lammy said in a statement that the protest is not a representation of the "vast majority of people in Tottenham. Those who remember the destructive conflicts of the past will be determined not to go back to them."

Amid the violence, many were also involved in looting the nearby stores including electrical equipment and safes.

The event, which started as a peaceful demonstration, assumed a violent nature and a state of panic spread among the bystanders and passersby.

Check out the protest images and visuals of violence of the Tottenham riot below: