Asus' Eee Pad Transformer Prime tablet is having its moment in the sun. Due to its quad-core system and tech geek appeal, the Prime is an underground hit before it even hits the shelves. Some retailers have given a Jan. 6 date for release, but that isn't soon enough for many tablet-crazed would-be buyers.

It's a crowded field in the Android tablet world, so there are plenty of options you could turn to if you don't want to wait another week (at least) to grab a Prime. Even if you don't mind waiting, you might as well go over the competition one last time to make sure you aren't overlooking another winning tablet just because it isn't the latest and greatest.

For this list, we'll keep it to only 10-inch tablets because that is what the Prime is. However, you should truly not overlook the BlackBerry PlayBook if you are shopping for a tablet. It's a seven-inch tablet, but it doesn't run Android. The 16 gigabyte version is on sale for $200, and it's a steal at that price. Start the slideshow to see five tablets you should consider before you buy a Prime. Tell us in the comments if you have exhausted your tablet research or if you are just getting started.

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